Report: Public Ownership of the UK Energy System

14th April 2016 | Evidence / News

Here is some brilliant new evidence to back up what we have been saying for the last three years!

A new report launched today by our friends at We Own It and written by David Hall, Professor at the Public Services International Research Unit at the University of Greenwich, shows that publicly owned energy would pay for itself in just ten years.

Implementing the plan, which combines national, regional and local public ownership of our energy generation, transmission, distribution and supply, would allow for savings of £3.2billion per year made possible by the lower cost of borrowing in the public sector, and an end to profiteering by shareholders.

Green MP Caroline Lucas says: “This report backs up what the majority of British people already think: a public energy system would be better for everyone. A publicly owned system would benefit from the low cost of borrowing, and – with no shareholders to pay – bills could be kept lower, permanently.”

Get clued up! Download the Report here >

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Power For The People supports Stop TTIP

14th April 2015 | News / Petition

Power For The People together with our ‘sister campaign’ Bring Back British Rail, is supporting the self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against the controversial Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP).

TTIP threatens to make our aims of returning our essential services and infrastructure to public ownership far more difficult, by giving big corporations yet more power to sue the governments who finally wise-up to the injustices of privatisation and decide to take their assets back from the profiteers for the benefit of their citizens. Please sign the petition below before the deadline on 6 October 2015.

Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy

20th September 2014 | News / Petition

Following the Referendum on Scottish Independence, Power For the People and its sister organisation Bring Back British Rail are launching two new campaigns for the Public Ownership of Scotland’s essential services and infrastructure with 38 Degrees:

Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy
Public Ownership of Scotland’s Railway

We intend to keep the pressure up and utilise the ‘new powers’ promised by the UK Government, to demand the radical changes to Scotland’s energy policy necessary to combat fuel poverty and meet the country’s ambitious 2050 climate change targets. In the run up to the next Scottish Parliamentary Elections on 5 May 2016, we shall demand that the Scottish Government reverses the injustices caused by Tory privatisation, boots out the big six and brings Scotland’s rich energy resources back under democratic public control.

Public Ownership in Scotland could be the ‘easy win’, which would pave the way for the other parts of the UK to follow suit.

The Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy campaign is supported by:

To add your organisation to this list, please email us at the address below.

People’s Climate March

15th September 2014 | Demonstration / News

People's Climate March

People’s Climate March London
Sunday 21 September 2014
Assemble 12:30
Temple Place

Join millions of people all over the world on the People’s Climate March this Sunday 21 September to demand that our world leaders at the UN Climate Summit take decisive action to tackle climate change.

Step one should be to ensure that all our carbon-intensive essential services and industries – such as our energy production and supply – are under democratic public control and not being milked by massive multi-national corporations to maximise private profit with no care for the consequences. Join us and shout Power For The People now!

Utility Card t-shirts now in stock!

13th April 2014 | Merchandise / News

Utility Card T-Shirt

We now have a limited run of our Utility Card t-shirts available in all sizes. All proceeds will be used to support campaign activities and materials. Order yours today!

Utility Card T-Shirt

We now have a limited run of our Utility Card t-shirts available in all sizes. All proceeds will be used to support campaign activities and materials. Order yours today!