We only demand back what was once ours.

Jim Granter, Alsager

It is about time the ownership of the electricity and gas industries was passed to the people of the country.

Philip Cumberland, Peterborough

I am so fed up with how the corporates and bankers pull the strings of the government. There are simple and cheap pollution-free solutions to the energy problems.

Yvonne Mustapha, High Wycombe

I support this act.

Gamal Salem, Dartford

I am fed up with being ripped off by these companies.

Terence Dare, Mansfield

I think it is wrong that services that are virtually human rights are there for the purpose of making money.

Stefan Wright, Huddersfield

Trusting energy companies to run their businesses for the benefit of customers is naive. Privatisation means profits first and last.

Michael Burnett, London

At the very least do away with a daily standing charge.

Janet Brooke, Nottingham

Something must be done. They are all raking in extreme profits from us poorer people.

Nigel Rogers, Chester

Another area for re-nationalisation without compensation.

Brian Potter, Birmingham

I transferred to the Co-op from British Gas and Immediately cut my energy costs by a third.

Phillip Walton, Basildon

The recent price increases by the major energy companies prey on the most vulnerable members of society solely to boost already record high profits.

Gerald Halligan, Edinburgh

Energy is infrastructure, and this is the bedrock of national security.

Katie-Ellen Hazeldine, Lancaster

I’m sick of being robbed.

Arthur Griffiths, Skelmersdale

I believe in a free market economy. But remove the exceptions to the rule that are the utilities and mass transport systems.

Dave James, Tavistock

How can the Government have an ‘energy policy’ when the country is being held to ransom by privately-run, often not British, energy firms?

Ann Partington, Gateshead

Let us return to a fair sharing of wealth and freedom.

Peter Canham, Hitchin

Clearly nothing fundamental to life should be owned for profit.

Mike Bird, Llandudno

Bring back the CEGB. They would have solved the reduction of CO2 problem, got nuclear generation, got safe generation margins etc.

John Exon, Harrogate

Too many million-pound salaries for energy company CEOs while the elderly and others choose between heating and lighting and eating.

Juliet Chard, London

Governments have failed to correct this. We must.

Shirley Tunley, Aberystwyth

I’ve made the first step by ditching the big companies. I’ve moved my account to Co-operative energy, the first step to bring excessive profits back to members.

Geoff Walker, Stoke On Trent

Stop the rip-off.

Howard Badder, Ilkeston

We need to get back to a uniform fair price with profits going into improvements, not shareholders’ pockets.

Wendy Welford, Thirsk

I agree with everything except the climate change bit. I just don’t believe Al Gore and the IPCC. I put my trust in honest men not cheats.

Richard Kent, Chard

It was, will be and is the property of those who are the property of this land. Let’s manage it so users, planet and the power industry workers get what they need.

Kay Green, Hastings

Our broad intervention strategies are: 1. Poverty eradication. 2. Food security and nutrition. 3. Health and population dynamics. 4. Education. 5. Gender Equality.

Professor Okullu-Ayor Vincent, Kampala, Uganda

We are the majority, ordinary working people reduced to living hand to mouth. This is the reality.

Andrew Rogers, Grimsby

Let’s pull the plug on the fat cats.

Roger Allen, London

I hate being held to ransom.

Diane Hibbert, Rainworth