The bullies at the Big Six must be stood up to.

Gavin Sibthorpe, London

Return to public ownership for the people’s benefit.

Paul Geraghty, Warrington

It is just daylight robbery, but what is there to stop them? No-one wants to say too much with the election so close so we get just the same clap-trap.

Matthew Lowrey, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Services by the people for the people. Bring the energy and water companies back into public ownership.

Gareth Brown, Rugby

All energy companies should be re-nationalised and green energy supported.

Allen Lane, Brighton

Everybody needs it, it’s essential and should not be run by firms from outside the UK who are only interested in making money.

Sheila Harrison, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I am awake. For too long now have my eyes been shut to the abuses and corruption that is an endemic rot through the very fabric of society. I say viva la revolution.

Christian Baker, Todmorden

It is time to bring them back into state hands for the good of the many not a few shareholders

Len Smith, Shirebrook

If electricity supply can be run at a profit, that profit should go directly to improving the country not to shareholders. I would have thought that was obvious.

Steve Brady, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Power for the people.

Colin Keatley, Plymouth

If we are all in this together then why aren’t the profits to shareholders falling?

Malcolm Duckworth, Preston

The only concern I have is that the government can’t even run the country. How are they going to cope with anything else?

Frank Lane, Doncaster

Socialism was defeated from 1979 onwards. I was born in 1936 and it is time to restore it because of present day poverty and inequality.

Patricia Duncan, Carlisle

Re-nationalise it all. It should all be owned by and run for all the people – not thieves and shareholders.

Simon Williams, Sutton

Great campaign. How to achieve it needs to be thought through carefully, but there has to be a better way of doing these things than we have at present. More imagination.

John Lee, Cupar

Why do we need the money-grabbing middle men? Give us back our energy industry and plough the profits back into the infrastructure, not into the pockets of shareholders.

Jim Peters, Denham

We were conned by the Conservatives. Profiteering at public expense by these cartels is evident. We must have not-for-profit railways and all utilities.

Philip Cole, Barnsley

Give us our power back and allow us the means to produce our own energy on a community basis without the political constraints of large corporations.

Tom Rickman, Penzance

Fuel to keep warm, heat water and cook food should be affordable for all. Re-nationalise the energy firms. People before profits.

Sheila Wiggins, Bournemouth

I’m sat in a cold freezing room writing this with my feet in the cat box, just to keep some warmth and circulation going.

Bob Green, Sheffield

Full nationalisation of all the utilities is the only way to end the rip-off.

Robert McArdle, Coventry

Re-nationalise and rationalise the energy sector. As long as companies can make a profit exploiting natural resources they will continue to do so.

Julia Callow, Bournemouth

End this disastrous privatisation.

John Howe, Rotherham

Above inflation price rises year on year is simply not sustainable. This is sheer profiteering. The companies can see that their days are numbered.

Matthew Allen, Portsmouth

Energy is crucial to a country and its population, so why let foreign companies make a profit out of it and aid their economies to compete unfairly with the UK?

John Cook, Llanybydder

Give the power back to the people.

Susan Warren, St Leonards-on-Sea

Let’s unite against these fat cats and make them reduce their profits.

Hitendra Patel, Surbiton

All in it together, again.

Graham Huntington, York

All have the right to have access to essentials for life, which includes an energy supply, regardless of ability to pay.

John Tyrrell, Birmingham

It cannot be right that businesses make huge profits from energy.

John Crawford, Burscough