Rip-off Britain.

S Leach, Essex

Energy supplies and infrastructure are produced by the people. They should be owned by the people.

Paul Mclean, Leeds

The sooner this happens the better.

Mark Jordan, Ripley, Surrey

One of the evil things the Tories did was privatisation.

Martin Webb, Goole

If electricity supply can be run at a profit, that profit should go directly to improving the country not to shareholders. I would have thought that was obvious.

Steve Brady, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Please take note of this petition.

Mary Hodges, Newport, Isle of Wight

It makes sense for ‘natural monopoly’ industries, providing necessities like energy, to be in public hands. Profits directly invested into insulating homes.

Rosie Leach, Machynlleth

Basic utilities that underpin the infrastructure of a nation should never be in the hands of private, often foreign, businesses.

Tim McDowall, Livingston

Before the sell-off there were 60million shareholders, each with one equal share and equal rights. Now the many pay the few, with no say, rights or choice. Our time has come.

Jon Crinks, Liskeard

Sustainable, affordable and communal energy.

Jenny Rust, Bath

The only concern I have is that the government can’t even run the country. How are they going to cope with anything else?

Frank Lane, Doncaster

All have the right to have access to essentials for life, which includes an energy supply, regardless of ability to pay.

John Tyrrell, Birmingham

Energy is now an essential for normal living, and thus shouldn’t be run for private profits.

Tony Douglas, Lanark

We need clean, green, renewable, non-nuclear energy, non biomass energy produced as much as possible close to the user with many more home producers.

Roy St Pierre, Colne

Energy should not be privately owned as profits go to shareholders first. Also those on the lowest incomes and on pre-pay meters pay the most for their fuel.

Casey Tremain, Portsmouth

Re-nationalised power could act as a flywheel for the economy. Nationalised power could provide jobs, training, economical energy for business and private individuals.

Paul Thomas, Heanor

The recent price increases by the major energy companies prey on the most vulnerable members of society solely to boost already record high profits.

Gerald Halligan, Edinburgh

All utilities should belong to the people, not profit-making private companies.

John Warburton, Treuddyn

Power supplies are too important to leave privateers in control.

Fred Torr, Truro

Power to the people now.

Kieran Hill, Sheffield

This issue is far too important to be left to multinationals who put profit before people and don’t care about driving customers into poverty and despair.

Richard Bunting, Dover

We don’t want more choice. We just want better service, of benefit to both individuals and companies, serving the economy as a whole, not just shareholders.

Peter Moss, Birmingham

I’m tired of being overcharged and paying more for ever decreasing benefit. Nationalise now.

Julia Clarke, Croydon

Energy sales need to be under state ownership again. It’s time to stop the daylight robbery we are subjected to by the Big Six energy companies. Enough is enough.

Marie Priest, Brighton

The more of us unite and speak out the better.

Pippa Richardson, Swansea

The time has come for the downfall of the greedy Big Six, who are more than content to leave pensioners to freeze to death in their homes should they dare to eat vs heat.

Jamie Bolam Scott, Nottingham

Things that everyone needs to survive should not be subject to profits for a few.

Elizabeth Walthew, Duns

I’d rather subsidise my fellow citizens than a bunch of fat cats.

John Hann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The present system is inefficient and screws the consumer. It’s time for a change.

David Gutteridge, Chesterfield