An active role for government and public sector utilities is thus a far more important condition for developing renewable energy than any expensive system of public subsidies for markets or private investors.

Professor David Hall, University of Greenwich

At its heart privatisation in Britain was never about selling public networks but about selling the rights to tax those who are obliged to use them.

James Meek, writer

Rather than letting us be held to ransom by the Big Six bullies, let’s take energy under the democratic control of the British people and make sure it works for the interests of all of us, not the money-grabbing shareholders.

Owen Jones, writer

A publicly owned energy sector would be far cheaper than the existing privatised regime, because governments can borrow at much lower interest rates. Revenues from energy would then go to the public purse rather than private profit.

Professor Andrew Cumbers, University of Glasgow

68% of the public want the energy companies to be publicly run. Whether we need local renewable energy or a national drive to reduce fuel poverty, it doesn’t make sense for our future to be dictated by Big Six profits

Cat Hobbs, We Own It

We can’t just fight fires and win incremental gains, we need systemic change. The energy we use, its source, its ownership and its distribution needs to come under democratic control, and it needs to be clean and renewable.

Ewa Jasiewicz, Reclaim the Power

For people it’s self-evident that goods on which everybody is dependent should belong to the public.

Wiebke Hansen, Our Hamburg-Our Grid

Energy connects us to communities all over the world. We share a common climate, and to safeguard it, we need to re-common what’s ours – water, air, land, food, our time and labour and freedom of movement.

Ewa Jasiewicz, Reclaim the Power

Energy supply and environmental issues should not be left in the hands of private for-profit interests.

Ralf Gauger, anti-nuclear activist

Citizens [must] take back control over electricity generation so that the switch to renewables can be made without delay, while any profits generated go not to shareholders but back into supporting hungry public services.

Naomi Klein, writer

Privatisation has delivered… a system in which train operators and energy firms compete not on service – but on how many tariffs they can bamboozle customers with.

Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian

We all need to reduce our energy consumption, and there will never be a true incentive for this to happen as long as big business is allowed to continue to profit from selling it to us.

Ellie Harrison, campaign founder

For-profit energy doesn’t work: thousands of people die every winter whilst companies make billions. We need affordable, sustainable and public and community owned energy now.

Clare Welton, Fuel Poverty Action

There is a clear and compelling relationship between public ownership and the ability of communities to get off dirty energy.

Naomi Klein, writer

In the screwy logic of Britain’s privatised energy sector, the public assumes the risk while the corporations get to scoop the profits.

Aditya Chakrabortty, The Guardian