I have been saying we should re-nationalise the industry for years.

Richard Smith, Devizes

Utilities should always be in the hands of the people that use them. For these companies it is like writing a blank cheque.

Jean Holmes, Worksop

Let’s get rid of the shareholders.

Joan Harrison, St Albans

It is worth trying, despite the hopelessness we all feel on these issues. See recent reports on how Iceland has resisted the power of banks and multinational corporations.

Dorothy Nelson, St Austell

There needs to be a common policy, approach and pay structure which realistically focuses on the end consumer.

Lesley Downes, Exmouth

Trusting energy companies to run their businesses for the benefit of customers is naive. Privatisation means profits first and last.

Michael Burnett, London

Too many million-pound salaries for energy company CEOs while the elderly and others choose between heating and lighting and eating.

Juliet Chard, London

Energy for the public not profit.

James Graham, Croydon

I’d rather subsidise my fellow citizens than a bunch of fat cats.

John Hann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fantastic idea.

Marja Bonada, Oswestry

We’ve had enough of prices so high and having to have a house that is cold.

Lavern Wilson, Mansfield

All the main utilities should be under public ownership. Rich individuals should not be able to profit from them.

Joyce McCarthy, Bradford

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

Restore security and sovereignty by restoring energy, utilities and transport to public ownership.

Simon Silvie, Barrow-in-Furness

Privatisation has not worked.

Lynne Richardson, Hucknall

I agree fully with your comments.

Abigail Wheeler, Cheltenham

I’m fed up with being milked to pay for energy bosses’ bonuses. After being caught price fixing too. It’s about time the profits were re-invested in the system.

Chris Ford, London

Government and corporations need to realise that they do not have the power. We, the people, do. It is the duty of us, the people, aware of this, to spread the message.

Jack Carmenta, Leamington Spa

Services for the people, not private profit.

Terry Down, Milton Keynes

Re-nationalise energy and let’s have it work for the public once again and not the greedy shareholders and energy companies.

Kenneth Muschamp

You know it makes sense.

Antony Silson, Keighley

Is it a service for the people to keep warm this winter or is it a business to make the profits bigger. If everyone stopped payment for one month they’d fail big time.

Stuart Wooldridge, Pontefract

Water and power services should be run by national authorities. Extra money needed for investment could be borrowed at fixed rates. This petition really needs to go big.

Ian Kane, Portsmouth

Give back something I used to own, which was sold without my permission.

Ken Cooke, St Austell

The supply of a universal commodity, such as energy, should be run on a non-profit basis.

Julian Smith, Dunfermline

How can something so vital for human life be used to make a few richer?

Peter Sharpe, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Big Six energy companies are a definite cartel. Let’s have a proper investigation into them. Ever since the utility companies were put in private hands prices have risen.

Mark Laidler, Doncaster

I think it is wrong that services that are virtually human rights are there for the purpose of making money.

Stefan Wright, Huddersfield

Profit is not a dirty word – all businesses need it to survive, but what we have with the energy companies is pure unvarnished greed.

David John Briggs, Southend-on-Sea

This has ripped off the ordinary people long enough.

Pauline Hacker, Preston