Re-nationalise it all. It should all be owned by and run for all the people – not thieves and shareholders.

Simon Williams, Sutton

We’re told we have fundamental human rights in this country but do they actually mean anything when people are freezing to death in their own homes?

Callum Gill, London

I am fed up with being ripped off by these companies.

Terence Dare, Mansfield

I want public utilities in state hands, not those of corporations.

Dennis Pearce, Hampton

As Midnight said: The time has come. A fact’s a fact – It belongs to them. Let’s give it back.

Tom Conway, Derby

I campaigned against electricity privatisation when I worked in the industry and served on the NEC of the Electrical Power Engineers’ Association. I am vindicated.

Ken Keable, Stoke-sub-Hamdon

I support this act.

Gamal Salem, Dartford

Today’s report on the great energy rip-off sums it up really; Switch continually or get overcharged. We are not the idiots they take us for.

Simon Larn, Redhill

Privatisation has become a nightmare from which we would like to wake up.

Linda Lee, Swindon

All the main utilities should be under public ownership. Rich individuals should not be able to profit from them.

Joyce McCarthy, Bradford

You can see the Big Six are cheating. There never was such an obvious cartel.

Bernard Harrison, London

We need water, gas, electric and the banks – back in public ownership and get this country back on track!

Jamie Bramwell, Cheshire

Keep up the good work. We are on an electric key meter. Not many companies do it so it makes it hard to change.

Moira Smith, Kent

I’m sick of being robbed.

Arthur Griffiths, Skelmersdale

I am so fed up with how the corporates and bankers pull the strings of the government. There are simple and cheap pollution-free solutions to the energy problems.

Yvonne Mustapha, High Wycombe

Yes, nationalisation would be great. The prices are crazy at the moment.

Becky Sherwood, Totnes

Governments have failed to correct this. We must.

Shirley Tunley, Aberystwyth

Privatisation of power is a broken concept. Re-nationalisation would literally bring power back to the people.

Anthony Phillips, Leeds

Run utilities for the people and the environment

Steve Black, Southampton

Another example of capitalism running amok with no restraints.

Mike Sargent, Dover

When a company is nationalised, any profits can come back to the people.

Penny Lomas, Leeds

Why should someone else control our energy supply?

Nigel Apperley, Bournemouth

Public utilities should be in public hands. It’s as simple as that.

Nick Jordan, Rickmansworth

Energy is a public resource. Surely it makes sense that its production and distribution is managed for the public good, not massive profit for a tiny minority of people.

Darrin Green, Horsham

Let’s bring an end to the extortion racket that is operated by the power companies.

Nigel Buxton, Sheffield

The millions in profits should be used to keep prices down, not line the pockets of directors and shareholders.

Brendan McAlinden, Warrington

All energy should be state owned.

Kenneth Miller, Leeds

Services by the people for the people. Bring the energy and water companies back into public ownership.

Gareth Brown, Rugby

Public utilities should never be in private hands. Simple.

Alec Rivers, Folkestone

It is worth trying, despite the hopelessness we all feel on these issues. See recent reports on how Iceland has resisted the power of banks and multinational corporations.

Dorothy Nelson, St Austell