Everyone needs energy and at a cost that protects and enhances life, rather than simply unearned dividend payments which are used to make rich people even richer.

George Davies, Darwen

Our energy needs to be renewable and prices need to be fairer for all.

Laura Long, Leeds

The fact that the privatised energy companies can threaten the UK with blackouts has made the need for nationalisation more urgent.

Diane Tsavalos, Liverpool

An efficiently run and publicly accountable energy provider must be better than a pure profit model.

David Line, Luton

We have been ripped off far too long by corrupt government after corrupt government. It’s time the public voice was heard.

Mike McCleary, Highbridge

Things that everyone needs to survive should not be subject to profits for a few.

Elizabeth Walthew, Duns

The bullies at the Big Six must be stood up to.

Gavin Sibthorpe, London

This cartel of foreign-owned utilities should be more accountable.

Bernadette Reid, Harrogate

Can we trust politicians to run anything? Heaven help us.

Kevin Guyatt, Stockport

Don’t expect any help from left wing politicians.

Roy Koerner, Wylam

It’s about time this issue was brought to the fore.

Steven Robert Gill, Fareham

As Midnight said: The time has come. A fact’s a fact – It belongs to them. Let’s give it back.

Tom Conway, Derby

Honesty and integrity. Be the first with these values.

Steve Brooks, Finedon

There is no real choice with the Big Six cartel we have currently. We are sick of being ripped off. It is time for progressive change in energy provision.

Janis Cairns, Manchester

I’ve worked all my life, contributing to our state systems, to find that now, aged 73 and living alone, I sit wrapped in a blanket, trying to keep warm. What life is this?

Vivienne Gunning, Swansea

It makes sense for ‘natural monopoly’ industries, providing necessities like energy, to be in public hands. Profits directly invested into insulating homes.

Rosie Leach, Machynlleth

I have worked all my life and receive no benefits. At 64, I am sitting at home wearing three sweaters as I type this. Fuel supplies should never have been privatised.

Kathleen Purves, South Shields

Putting food on the table is hard enough without worrying about the cost of cooking it.

Sean Barlow, Chester

Trusting energy companies to run their businesses for the benefit of customers is naive. Privatisation means profits first and last.

Michael Burnett, London

The attempt to create an artificial market in energy supply has demonstrably failed. It is broke so let’s fix it.

Rik Alewijnse, Feering

Power for the people and to the people – people power. as John Lennon put it – Love and Peace.

Pete & Nikki Perry, Stevenage

It is impossible to have a fair utility supply in the private sector – let’s take it back.

Gill Page, Richmond

Fuel should be at cost and not be for profit.

Claire Scott, Bideford

Privatisation has seen us ripped off left and right, not least by the energy companies. This needs to be rectified.

Alexander Atkin, Sheffield

I have photo-voltaics and have done a lot to make my home energy efficient. It would be good if the government allowed us to do the same with national energy provision.

Polly Moyer, Bristol

Monopoly may be a popular game but in real life it’s no fun for the customer. It’s just a cartel in disguise.

Caroline Abbott, Middlesbrough

You’ve had your time fat cats.

William Hunt, Southport

these are necessities not luxuries, so the price needs to be reasonable

Asiya Ali, Slough

Good idea. As it would cost, why not set up a publicly owned company, cut the other’s prices and they will soon cease trading?

Steve Waldenberg, Leeds

It’s about time we stopped foreign countries buying into us and ripping out our roots.

Elaine Whybrow, Dartford