I agree fully with your comments.

Abigail Wheeler, Cheltenham

We need a power company that the country owns not companies run by profiteers.

Mark Marriott, Nottingham

Our utilities should be in public ownership. They can be run well on a not-for-profit basis. We are being exploited by ideologically driven policies.

Mark Wilcox, Holmfirth

The attempt to create an artificial market in energy supply has demonstrably failed. It is broke so let’s fix it.

Rik Alewijnse, Feering

The experiment of privatised energy has failed beyond a reasonable doubt. It claimed competition would deliver the most affordable prices.

Arete Tssiktsa, Salisbury

Privatisation of Britain’s public services has been a disaster for consumers, the environment and the economy.

Jim Dignan, Sheffield

Utility companies are cash cows for foreign equity funds. Frankly, it’s mad.

Gary Brooke, Manchester

The reason we are annually held to ransom is to feed the grotesque profits of organisations that were taken away from us. They were ours, give them back.

Sara Smith-Petersen, Kettering

We would be able to transition to a low carbon economy in a cheaper more intelligent way if we were in control of our power generation and distribution.

James Martin, Northwich

With this bunch of bully-boys in power, the campaign for re-nationalisation based on cold hard numbers, highlighting how we’ve lost out is needed more than ever.

Peter Burns, Newport

This isn’t just about energy prices. Look at the scandals surrounding G4S, Serco and Atos. Some things should not be privatised.

Nick Haeffner, London

Current events. Enough said.

Thomas Reid, Barlby

I really wish you good luck in this campaign, because everything in the UK is being privatised.

Matthew Saunders, Barnet

Why do we need to be held to ransom by the power companies? Price increases mean more shareholder dividends. Return them to public ownership.

Brian Bailey, Manchester

The only way to stop the profiteering rip-off that is perpetrated by the private utility companies is to bring back all of them under the public wing.

Johnathan Mark Sharpe-Smith, Great Driffield

Because energy is too important to be left to the spivs.

Dave Waite, Lincoln

An efficiently run and publicly accountable energy provider must be better than a pure profit model.

David Line, Luton

Today’s report on the great energy rip-off sums it up really; Switch continually or get overcharged. We are not the idiots they take us for.

Simon Larn, Redhill

How long before the market can stand no more?

Colin Todd, Redcar

There is no real choice with the Big Six cartel we have currently. We are sick of being ripped off. It is time for progressive change in energy provision.

Janis Cairns, Manchester

I’m 100% behind you on this. It’s time to favour people rather than profits. We need to re-nationalise all utilities and public transport.

Philip Joyce, Dundee

I am awake. For too long now have my eyes been shut to the abuses and corruption that is an endemic rot through the very fabric of society. I say viva la revolution.

Christian Baker, Todmorden

I’m sick of being exploited by money-grabbing companies. I hope their days are numbered.

Lorraine Martland, Milton Keynes

Fuel should be at cost and not be for profit.

Claire Scott, Bideford

I have photo-voltaics and have done a lot to make my home energy efficient. It would be good if the government allowed us to do the same with national energy provision.

Polly Moyer, Bristol

Maggie Sold off the taxpayers’ property without their permission, leading to the chaos and profiteering, substandard maintenance and horrendous price Increases.

John Price, Oakham

I totally agree with your aims.

Ted Ryder, Mansfield

It’s time we stopped treating our neighbours as competitors, and for politicians playing the electorate off against each other. Let’s come together for the common good.

Steve Jarvis, Westbury

Please return the gas and electricity industry to the same great institution which it used to be.

Stephen Munton, Birmingham

Basic living, water and power, should not be owned by private companies for profit.

Bob Woodhead, Leeds