At last. Well done you people and may your good work continue.

Roy Colgate, Hove

Power is too important to be left to private business.

Toby Ray, London

I’m fed up chasing better deals.

John Podger, Ware

Basic living, water and power, should not be owned by private companies for profit.

Bob Woodhead, Leeds

All makes sense to me. Do it now.

Matt Haskins, London

Privatisation drives up prices and drives down quality.

Jennie Cummings-Knight, Cromer

We need services which operate for the benefit of the public, and the ability to re-invest money without losing it to shareholders.

Robert Charlesworth, Carlisle

And promote microgeneration and community owned renewables.

Steven Wright, Rugby

Profit from privatisation is given to shareholders whereas profits from nationalisation is re-invested to improve the system. Government has ultimate control, not fat cats.

Karl Snowdon, Gateshead

It’s plain common sense.

David Burn, York

The time is right to have our power back.

John Scholes, Maryburgh

All profit to be re-invested in the service.

Brian Billingham, Leeds

Water and power services should be run by national authorities. Extra money needed for investment could be borrowed at fixed rates. This petition really needs to go big.

Ian Kane, Portsmouth

People not profits.

Peter Treadwell, Melton Mowbray

This needs to happen.

Joseph Payne

I am tired of the energy companies making profits from the poorest in society.

Mag McNally, London

Even the Victorians had the sense to understand that utilities so vital should not be private.

Hilary Lowson, Bathgate

Excellent cause. Well done. When the government washes its hands of its responsibility to the people, the people must take action to protect themselves.

Graham Coulson, Cambridge

Everything has been said. I, like many others, am tired of corporate business profits being placed before the genuine need of the British people.

Stella Davies, Wrexham

Whatever excuses they come up with, its a cartel and that’s illegal.

Susan Shaw, Barnsley

Big Six energy companies are a definite cartel. Let’s have a proper investigation into them. Ever since the utility companies were put in private hands prices have risen.

Mark Laidler, Doncaster

Nationalisation is for the benefit of the vast majority of the British people.

Elizabeth Burling, Barnet

Either re-nationalise or be run as social enterprise which reinvests any excess into better infrastructure or gives to community projects.

Martin Mills

Power back to the people in a not-for-profit company.

Philip Todd, Stokesley

Nationalisation is essential for all public services which, because of their nature, do not have true competition. Energy nationalisation also provides forward planning.

Philip Anderson, St Albans

Stop the Great British rip-off. Bring back utilities and transport into our ownership.

Dennis Archer, Arnold

We’ve had enough of prices so high and having to have a house that is cold.

Lavern Wilson, Mansfield

Honesty and firmness please.

Christine Ager, Rayleigh

This is something that should be looked at, but it won’t be easy, as money and shareholders and government are involved.

John James, Lincoln

Utilities should not be for profit but for the people.

Marylyn Edwards, Hastings