Time to get rid of the energy racketeers.

Karen Johnson, Princes Risborough

Returning power ownership and production to the British people is the only way to guarantee cost and infrastructure control. Give power back to the people.

Tim Armstrong-Taylor, Kimpton

If you see Sid, tell him we messed it up.

Richard Desjardins, Ashby de la Zouch

Our energy supply is fundamental to our society and should be owned by our society.

John Hoyle, Kettering

We need affordable, sustainable, clean energy, for the common good, not private profit.

Brian Smith, Stockton Brook

Giving the private sector monopolies is the most stupid thing, amongst many, the Tories ever did.

Niall Clifford, Yeovil

Privatisation of Britain’s public services has been a disaster for consumers, the environment and the economy.

Jim Dignan, Sheffield

Enough is enough. We are sick of being ripped off and private companies profiteering while people freeze to death every winter.

Ken Walker, Milnrow

No need to feed the greed. Plant the seed.

Bryan Burrow, Kendal

Privatisation wouldn’t have been so bad if the prices hadn’t been driven up so far so fast and the services degraded. Shareholders and businessmen are all greedy.

Sandra Humphries, Southsea

We need to empower communities. People do have power. If we want to achieve something, we the people can be the agent of change and do it ourselves.

Greg Hewitt, Nottingham

This is a long overdue idea.

Chris Dooks, Ayr

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

Bring the power back to the people.

Alex Burnell, Ipswich

I’m sick of these rip-off companies fleecing us.

Eddie Griffin, Borehamwood

At the moment energy companies can print money. The Government is powerless to stop them.

George Arrowsmith

If shareholders’ profit was reallocated to fund development of sustainable sources of power it would vastly reduce the cost of living for many poor families.

Sheila Francis, Doncaster

I’d rather subsidise my fellow citizens than a bunch of fat cats.

John Hann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

It’s time we stopped treating our neighbours as competitors, and for politicians playing the electorate off against each other. Let’s come together for the common good.

Steve Jarvis, Westbury

Nationalisation without compensation. Give us back our utilities now.

John Wilson, Glasgow

Privatisation has not worked.

Lynne Richardson, Hucknall

All energy companies should be re-nationalised and green energy supported.

Allen Lane, Brighton

All vital public services such as energy, water, transport, postal services, education and health have no place being run for profit by tax-dodging multinationals.

Ken Brodigan

More power to your elbow. Something needs to be done to stop this profiteering on something that people rely on.

John Robinson, Lincoln

Why do we need to be held to ransom by the power companies? Price increases mean more shareholder dividends. Return them to public ownership.

Brian Bailey, Manchester

I couldn’t agree more with this agenda. Power to the voiceless.

Bryan White, Derby

It can never be right or in the best interests of the many to have power in private hands. If the state runs it correctly it could use the profits for better services.

Noel Symonds, Redhill

Let’s bring an end to the extortion racket that is operated by the power companies.

Nigel Buxton, Sheffield

Don’t expect any help from left wing politicians.

Roy Koerner, Wylam

Heating and lighting are essential commodities in the UK. They should not be profit-based industries. They should be run by society for society.

Lindy Furby, Edinburgh