Can we trust politicians to run anything? Heaven help us.

Kevin Guyatt, Stockport

It is worth trying, despite the hopelessness we all feel on these issues. See recent reports on how Iceland has resisted the power of banks and multinational corporations.

Dorothy Nelson, St Austell

Everyone needs energy and at a cost that protects and enhances life, rather than simply unearned dividend payments which are used to make rich people even richer.

George Davies, Darwen

I used to work in the power generation industry when it was privatised by the Tory government and we said then it would not work. How right we were.

Peter Wooldridge, Pontefract

It should never have been privatised in the first place.

Hywel Morgan, London

I support the dream but has anyone any idea of the cost of re-nationalising?

Rob Seed, Worcester

The power companies were stolen from the people. Repossess them immediately.

Peter Swindells, Wolverhampton

This is very important – do not ignore the voices of your people.

Simon Roberts, London

Another public asset stolen from the people.

John Payne, London

Long overdue.

Sue Basker, Derby

At the moment energy companies can print money. The Government is powerless to stop them.

George Arrowsmith

Certain commodities should be owned by the people, for the people. Energy, public transport, water.

David Cunliffe, St Helens

Not everyone has the ability to access information on cheaper deals. The result is, as in so many other areas, that those least able to afford it end up paying most.

Valerie Bartleet, Wolverhampton

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

Today’s report on the great energy rip-off sums it up really; Switch continually or get overcharged. We are not the idiots they take us for.

Simon Larn, Redhill

All have the right to have access to essentials for life, which includes an energy supply, regardless of ability to pay.

John Tyrrell, Birmingham

Re-nationalisation is the only answer.

David Britten, Farnham

Let’s get back to how it was – a more fair society.

Hazel Willmer, Barnsley

Because energy is too important to be left to the spivs.

Dave Waite, Lincoln

For profit’ is always likely to place profit before social considerations.

John Lee, Taunton

It’s crazy. We have the skills and the unemployed so we should use them.

Jennifer Andrew, Oxford

More power to your elbow. Something needs to be done to stop this profiteering on something that people rely on.

John Robinson, Lincoln

It is time we all said enough is enough. Thank you for organising this petition.

Robert Gordon, Nottingham

It’s just common sense to run basic essentials in the public sphere and for the public good.

Chris Speedy, Leeds

Services for the people, not private profit.

Terry Down, Milton Keynes

Power back to the people in a not-for-profit company.

Philip Todd, Stokesley

Let’s get this job done.

Bill Smickersgill, Leeds

Utilities need to return to public ownership. We’re being ripped off.

Mike Seaman, Uxbridge

I prefer the country’s energy supply in the hands of politicians and not capitalists, but the margin is very slight.

Maggie Lewis, Waltham on the Wolds

No need to feed the greed. Plant the seed.

Bryan Burrow, Kendal