Utility companies are cash cows for foreign equity funds. Frankly, it’s mad.

Gary Brooke, Manchester

Keep power prices down and cut down on dividends to shareholders.

Dorothy Joyce Cox, Poole

Public utilities should never have been privatised. The Big Six are becoming more expensive because they are not exploiting renewables.

Louis Loizou, Brighton

It’s about time something like this came up. I agree wholeheartedly and wish every success to the campaign, which I will follow and support.

Richard Lock, Dorking

Our broad intervention strategies are: 1. Poverty eradication. 2. Food security and nutrition. 3. Health and population dynamics. 4. Education. 5. Gender Equality.

Professor Okullu-Ayor Vincent, Kampala, Uganda

Stop the rip-off.

Howard Badder, Ilkeston

21st-century government has a duty to provide all its citizens with heat and light at a fair price. Ability to pay should make no difference to this basic human right.

Hugh Terry, Reading

Things that everyone needs to survive should not be subject to profits for a few.

Elizabeth Walthew, Duns

Give the people their utilities back. They’re too important for the privateers to own.

Michael Burt, Plymouth

Re-nationalise all public utilities.

Mary Jackson, Doncaster

Energy, rail and health are strategic resources that should be government controlled. We’ve already got health, so there are two to go.

Jim Roche, Leeds

About damn time. Let’s hope many more signatures follow.

Elvis Dutton, Bath

Where is the competition? Even Cameron called it a cartel.

Mike Attewell, Durham

This and every other essential utility should be returned to public ownership.

G E, Beckenham

Privatisation instead of state monopoly was meant to lead to competition and lower prices for consumers. This hasn’t happened and rich bosses make even more profit.

Patricia Borlenghi, Manningtree

Energy should not be in the hands of foreign companies. We the people should own it. France and Germany would never privatise strategic industries.

Marjorie Arnold, Wigan

All utilities should be publicly owned and run for the benefit of the public not shareholders, with profits ploughed back in for everyone’s benefit.

Anne Callaghan, Blantyre

Re-nationalise all energy.

Jennifer Gray, Bristol

It’s plain common sense.

Roger Dickings, Peterborough

obviously privatisation has been a disaster. All the evidence is there. Thatcher was wrong. We need a proper left wing spokesman to highlight this.

Michael Lawson, Borehamwood

Energy is too important to be a wealth provider for shareholders of private companies.

Shan Oakes, Beverley

Of all the public services this has the strongest link between modern day human needs and climate change. We cannot leave it to the greedy pigs to manage.

David Lyons, Aylesbury

If we are all in this together then why aren’t the profits to shareholders falling?

Malcolm Duckworth, Preston

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

It’s about time we stopped foreign countries buying into us and ripping out our roots.

Elaine Whybrow, Dartford

You know it makes sense.

Antony Silson, Keighley

Privatisation has failed the people. These must be brought back under state control.

John Ellison, Leicester

I agree we need not-for-profit, but with a good business structure of course.

Annalise Richter, Swansea

An efficiently run and publicly accountable energy provider must be better than a pure profit model.

David Line, Luton

Something as essential as power generation should not be in the hands of people whose only interest is in short term shareholder gain.

Mike Higgins, Minsterley