Energy to serve the sustainable needs of the many, not the short-term profit of the elite few.

Andrew Duncan, Exeter

Governments have failed to correct this. We must.

Shirley Tunley, Aberystwyth

We need to re-think how our power is produced, by developing local power production rather than the out-dated transportation of power across the country by pylons.

Melanie Pownall-Harris, Radlett

The only way to stop the profiteering rip-off that is perpetrated by the private utility companies is to bring back all of them under the public wing.

Johnathan Mark Sharpe-Smith, Great Driffield

Enough is enough.

Rick Long

It’s time to stop the greed.

Michaela Armstrong, Manchester

The current political concern about energy provision consistently ignores the obvious – that the problems are the consequence of privatisation.

Simon Archer, York

It’s plain common sense.

Roger Dickings, Peterborough

Of all the public services this has the strongest link between modern day human needs and climate change. We cannot leave it to the greedy pigs to manage.

David Lyons, Aylesbury

Privatisation equals prices up, service down, profits to investment bankers.

Pete Heskett, London

Nationalisation is essential for all public services which, because of their nature, do not have true competition. Energy nationalisation also provides forward planning.

Philip Anderson, St Albans

Give the money back that you have overcharged consumers.

Steve Gordon, Bedford

We were conned by the Conservatives. Profiteering at public expense by these cartels is evident. We must have not-for-profit railways and all utilities.

Philip Cole, Barnsley

It’s time to end the experiment! Energy supply is too important to be left in the hands of the private sector!

Peter Whitehead, Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire

Thatcher’s legacy needs to be addressed.

Dario Giudici

You know it makes sense.

Antony Silson, Keighley

When people are having to decide between heating and eating what does that say about modern day Britain? The more shareholders get the more they want. Greedy people.

Anita Hambly, Northamptonshire

Power supplies are too important to leave privateers in control.

Fred Torr, Truro

Another privatisation for the benefit of the City and funders of the Conservative Party.

Malcolm Grant, Plungar

When I was a teenager I watched Thatcher’s privatisation of UK assets and knew it was bad for citizens and then labour betrayed us. Time to return to rightful owners.

Michael Tanner, Port Talbot

Excellent cause. Well done. When the government washes its hands of its responsibility to the people, the people must take action to protect themselves.

Graham Coulson, Cambridge

Re-nationalise all power and water companies now.

Len White, Coventry

Give us decently priced fuels.

Sheilagh Merrett, Windlesham

Time to get rid of the energy racketeers.

Karen Johnson, Princes Risborough

Re-nationalise it all. It should all be owned by and run for all the people – not thieves and shareholders.

Simon Williams, Sutton

Privatisation of Britain’s public services has been a disaster for consumers, the environment and the economy.

Jim Dignan, Sheffield

Profits before people must stop.

Daniel Holt, Bournemouth

I was forced to debilitating depression and suicide by N-power’s false billing. My MP wrote to Voker Beckers and we have no reply a year on.

Garry Clarkson, Leeds

What’s the point of disrupting a well run system for the sake of political ideology? Save the money for the councils that are having to make budget cuts.

Philip Cheung, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Too much attention to profits when we should be concentrating on improving life chances.

Ann Scott, Birmingham