Enough is enough. People first, not profit.

Michael Shaw, Saddleworth

Customer choice in the provision of essential utilities makes no sense. Nationalisation of these industries serves the people of the country well.

Phillipa Partington, Bedford

Let’s take back what was stolen from us.

Rob Hamilton, Rotherham

All the main utilities should be under public ownership. Rich individuals should not be able to profit from them.

Joyce McCarthy, Bradford

Public utilities should never have been privatised. The Big Six are becoming more expensive because they are not exploiting renewables.

Louis Loizou, Brighton

Utilities should be in public hands and not those of profit-seeking, and often foreign, owners.

Geoffrey Telfer, Baildon, Shipley

Privatisation wouldn’t have been so bad if the prices hadn’t been driven up so far so fast and the services degraded. Shareholders and businessmen are all greedy.

Sandra Humphries, Southsea

Give us back our freedom that our parents fought for and stop ripping us off.

Susan Aldrich, Filey

Public ownership is the only viable basis on which energy and public transport can be planned and developed in an integrated way, to combat climate change.

Liam McDill, Sandwick

The only concern I have is that the government can’t even run the country. How are they going to cope with anything else?

Frank Lane, Doncaster

Time to get rid of the energy racketeers.

Karen Johnson, Princes Risborough

Put profits back into services, not into shareholder pockets.

Andrea Stow, Cleckheaton

There are too many companies offering lots of deals. The consumer can’t work out what is best for them. Often changing suppliers makes it worse. We need clarification.

Jean Coates, Harrogate

The water companies should also be taken back into public ownership. Water is a vital resource for everyone. The notion that it can be owned by anyone is obscene.

Roger Wells, Stourbridge

I support the campaign for a nationally owned energy service.

Steve Hammersley, Leek

Trusting energy companies to run their businesses for the benefit of customers is naive. Privatisation means profits first and last.

Michael Burnett, London

I’m fed up with being milked to pay for energy bosses’ bonuses. After being caught price fixing too. It’s about time the profits were re-invested in the system.

Chris Ford, London

Please return the gas and electricity industry to the same great institution which it used to be.

Stephen Munton, Birmingham

All profit to be re-invested in the service.

Brian Billingham, Leeds

Another privatisation for the benefit of the City and funders of the Conservative Party.

Malcolm Grant, Plungar

I support this act.

Gamal Salem, Dartford

The attempt to create an artificial market in energy supply has demonstrably failed. It is broke so let’s fix it.

Rik Alewijnse, Feering

Give us our utilities back now.

Col Farrell, Liverpool

We need to maintain a core of public services which create a sense of shared ownership and shared benefit. Water, energy, health, education cannot be open to profiteers.

Sean Millwood, Stevenage

I want all utilities re-nationalised.

Diane Attersall, North Shields

Above inflation price rises year on year is simply not sustainable. This is sheer profiteering. The companies can see that their days are numbered.

Matthew Allen, Portsmouth

Power to and for the people. Let’s move society forward.

Martin Catchpole, Ipswich

All utilities and public transport should be in state ownership.

John Truelove, Weston-super-Mare

I’m sick of these rip-off companies fleecing us.

Eddie Griffin, Borehamwood

Get it back in our hands, with proper, democratically-consulted safeguards against bad management this time.

Christine & Vic Taylor, Keyworth