Where is the competition? Even Cameron called it a cartel.

Mike Attewell, Durham

Either re-nationalise or be run as social enterprise which reinvests any excess into better infrastructure or gives to community projects.

Martin Mills

Bring the power back to the people.

Alex Burnell, Ipswich

No argument. Power is an essential, not a profit-making commodity.

Sarah Patton, Haslemere

Something must be done. They are all raking in extreme profits from us poorer people.

Nigel Rogers, Chester

At the moment energy companies can print money. The Government is powerless to stop them.

George Arrowsmith

Long overdue.

Sue Basker, Derby

This cartel of foreign-owned utilities should be more accountable.

Bernadette Reid, Harrogate

Enough is enough. Over 60% of the population didn’t vote for privatisation, so why should we have to be ripped off like this?

Alan Gale, Rochdale

I would like to put my name to this petition and I actively support the campaign to bring back our energy network into public ownership.

Oliver Steward, Norwich

Stop the Great British rip-off. Bring back utilities and transport into our ownership.

Dennis Archer, Arnold

Our energy supply is fundamental to our society and should be owned by our society.

John Hoyle, Kettering

Essential services must be state-owned. Power for the people, by the people.

Mark Garner, Leicester

I never thought I would be living in fuel poverty.

Jenny Dimond, Ware

People not profits.

Peter Treadwell, Melton Mowbray

It can never be right or in the best interests of the many to have power in private hands. If the state runs it correctly it could use the profits for better services.

Noel Symonds, Redhill

Only public ownership will deliver a service for the people, not profits for shareholders.

Martin Cummins, Edinburgh

Please take note of this petition.

Mary Hodges, Newport, Isle of Wight

The government are far too keen to sell everything off and give the general public sweet nothing in return.

Brian Baylis, Downham Market

The essential infrastructure of a country shouldn’t be in the hands of money-making private enterprises. They should be run for the good of the people of the country.

Paul Britton, Stevenage

The energy companies are ripping us off in order to make fat profits. This is wrong.

Colin Anderson, Dunstable

We can but hope.

Mabel Smith, Swindon

How can the Government have an ‘energy policy’ when the country is being held to ransom by privately-run, often not British, energy firms?

Ann Partington, Gateshead

It seems that the only way for us ordinary people to be heard is to join together. Here’s hoping for success.

Christine Hill, London

If we are all in this together then why aren’t the profits to shareholders falling?

Malcolm Duckworth, Preston

Re-nationalise all the stuff that once belonged to us now.

Noel Smith, Fareham

Energy sales need to be under state ownership again. It’s time to stop the daylight robbery we are subjected to by the Big Six energy companies. Enough is enough.

Marie Priest, Brighton

Is it a service for the people to keep warm this winter or is it a business to make the profits bigger. If everyone stopped payment for one month they’d fail big time.

Stuart Wooldridge, Pontefract

Public ownership can be local and democratic. It does not have to be 1940s style state bureaucracy.

John Tilley, Kingston upon Thames

We are being ripped off by these companies. Let’s disband them now and take back ownership.

Sue Underwood, Newcastle-upon-Tyne