There are some services and utilities that are too important to be in private hands, energy, health, education amongst them.

Roger Payne, Harpenden

This is very important – do not ignore the voices of your people.

Simon Roberts, London

It should never have happened in the first place. It just cost us all a lot of money. And for what?

Brian Cann, Yeovil

Re-nationalise it all. It should all be owned by and run for all the people – not thieves and shareholders.

Simon Williams, Sutton

One of the evil things the Tories did was privatisation.

Martin Webb, Goole

No compensation for the shareholders who got the shares at a bargain price.

David Robinson, Sheffield

Things that everyone needs to survive should not be subject to profits for a few.

Elizabeth Walthew, Duns

Only public ownership will deliver a service for the people, not profits for shareholders.

Martin Cummins, Edinburgh

Energy generation should not be subject to the profit motive.

Kate Martinson, Southampton

This and every other essential utility should be returned to public ownership.

G E, Beckenham

End this disastrous privatisation.

John Howe, Rotherham

Stop making a profit from you own people.

Mark Whittaker, Nottinghamshire

Put profits back into services, not into shareholder pockets.

Andrea Stow, Cleckheaton

Return to public ownership for the people’s benefit.

Paul Geraghty, Warrington

Services by the people for the people. Bring the energy and water companies back into public ownership.

Gareth Brown, Rugby

Why should someone else control our energy supply?

Nigel Apperley, Bournemouth

Public utilities should never be in private hands. Simple.

Alec Rivers, Folkestone

Keep railways in public ownership – not producing profits to line a few pockets!

John Brady, Doncaster

The Big Six are corporate thieves.

Geoff Lange, Gosport

As an old age pensioner on a limited budget I am finding it increasingly difficult to manage.

Sheila Reilly, Coventry

It’s time to stop the greed.

Michaela Armstrong, Manchester

All this tinkering around the edges of a corrupt system and empty threats to indifferent power companies is meaningless. Re-nationalise now.

Mark Dickson, Hebden Bridge

Run utilities for the people and the environment

Steve Black, Southampton

Energy profits should be invested in energy re-vitalisation, not to line the pockets of company bosses and shareholders.

Stephen Swanton, Leeds

I’d rather subsidise my fellow citizens than a bunch of fat cats.

John Hann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Let’s take utilities back. They’re not for making a few people wealthy.

Sue Rowies, St Ives

Why do we need the money-grabbing middle men? Give us back our energy industry and plough the profits back into the infrastructure, not into the pockets of shareholders.

Jim Peters, Denham

Something as essential as power generation should not be in the hands of people whose only interest is in short term shareholder gain.

Mike Higgins, Minsterley

Energy supplies and infrastructure are produced by the people. They should be owned by the people.

Paul Mclean, Leeds

Privatisation has become a nightmare from which we would like to wake up.

Linda Lee, Swindon