This cartel of foreign-owned utilities should be more accountable.

Bernadette Reid, Harrogate

Time to draw the line in the sand methinks.

Paul Burgess, Torquay

All utilities should be in the hands of the public.

William Morton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

This has ripped off the ordinary people long enough.

Pauline Hacker, Preston

All energy companies should be re-nationalised and green energy supported.

Allen Lane, Brighton

Our country should be run by the majority vote of the people not the MPs and fat cats. We are the ones who pay their wages.

Ryan Curtis, Bristol

This and every other essential utility should be returned to public ownership.

G E, Beckenham

This should never have been privatised.

Dilys Hadley, Exmouth

I’m 100% behind you on this. It’s time to favour people rather than profits. We need to re-nationalise all utilities and public transport.

Philip Joyce, Dundee

People before profit.

Angela Dillon, Glenrothes

Utility companies are cash cows for foreign equity funds. Frankly, it’s mad.

Gary Brooke, Manchester

The utilities were sold off far too cheaply.

John Malcolm, Mayfield

Tell Sid he’s a thief.

Ray Butler, Manchester

I’m sick of being robbed.

Arthur Griffiths, Skelmersdale

Before the sell-off there were 60million shareholders, each with one equal share and equal rights. Now the many pay the few, with no say, rights or choice. Our time has come.

Jon Crinks, Liskeard

Clearly nothing fundamental to life should be owned for profit.

Mike Bird, Llandudno

I’m sick of these rip-off companies fleecing us.

Eddie Griffin, Borehamwood

Whatever excuses they come up with, its a cartel and that’s illegal.

Susan Shaw, Barnsley

Today’s report on the great energy rip-off sums it up really; Switch continually or get overcharged. We are not the idiots they take us for.

Simon Larn, Redhill

Utilities (power and water etc.) should be owned by the taxpayers who, after all, are subsidising private companies.

Margaret Gain, Stratford-upon-Avon

I have worked all my life and receive no benefits. At 64, I am sitting at home wearing three sweaters as I type this. Fuel supplies should never have been privatised.

Kathleen Purves, South Shields

Daylight robbery. Corporate assisted manslaughter.

Jeffrey Wong, Manchester

Energy companies should be brought to task.

Rita Thirsk, Beverley

Privatisation of Britain’s public services has been a disaster for consumers, the environment and the economy.

Jim Dignan, Sheffield

Stop privatisation now.

Gavin Symes, Farnham

Great campaign. How to achieve it needs to be thought through carefully, but there has to be a better way of doing these things than we have at present. More imagination.

John Lee, Cupar

Privatisation of public industries is a proven failure.

John Dunkley, Sheffield

These energy companies are like a mafia, using the consumer as a cash cow. The Government doesn’t want to do anything to stop it because half the MPs are shareholders.

Lynne Campbell, Co. Durham

private companies are more concerned about profits for shareholders than providing a service. This is inevitable if they want to attract investors.

Barbara Brogan, Letchworth

All public services and necessities of life should belong to the people not profit-hungry corporations intent on putting profit before people.

Jason Fawley, Doncaster