Current events. Enough said.

Thomas Reid, Barlby

Public utilities for the public. Not massive profits for foreign companies while we freeze.

Susan Pearce, Oldham

I want to own what belongs to me, and what has been stolen from me.

Stella Haynes, Market Harborough

Profiteering on this scale should be illegal. It’s the unacceptable face of capitalism and must be stopped.

Adrian Potts, Leicester

The promise that privatisation would bring lower prices and a better service is as false with rail as with water, energy and soon the post.

Tim Byrne

No profit should be taken from providing people with essential services.

David Farmer, Yorkshire

I have worked all my life and receive no benefits. At 64, I am sitting at home wearing three sweaters as I type this. Fuel supplies should never have been privatised.

Kathleen Purves, South Shields

Because energy is too important to be left to the spivs.

Dave Waite, Lincoln

Energy supplies and infrastructure are produced by the people. They should be owned by the people.

Paul Mclean, Leeds

Our broad intervention strategies are: 1. Poverty eradication. 2. Food security and nutrition. 3. Health and population dynamics. 4. Education. 5. Gender Equality.

Professor Okullu-Ayor Vincent, Kampala, Uganda

Stop extortionate bills. Also stop extortionate estimates that neither reflect the consumption of energy or make clear that they are only estimates.

Sam Roberts, Liverpool

Privatisation instead of state monopoly was meant to lead to competition and lower prices for consumers. This hasn’t happened and rich bosses make even more profit.

Patricia Borlenghi, Manningtree

Profits from utility, bus and rail companies should be ploughed back into infrastructure, not shareholders” pockets.

Jeremy Hoyte, Oswestry

Please take note of this petition.

Mary Hodges, Newport, Isle of Wight

End this disastrous privatisation.

John Howe, Rotherham

How can something so vital for human life be used to make a few richer?

Peter Sharpe, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Why do we need to be held to ransom by the power companies? Price increases mean more shareholder dividends. Return them to public ownership.

Brian Bailey, Manchester

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

Power for the people.

Leah Etteridge, Chatham

Restore security and sovereignty by restoring energy, utilities and transport to public ownership.

Simon Silvie, Barrow-in-Furness

The increases over the last few years show that this government is only interested in big business as usual. Disgraceful.

William Ryan, Manchester

Let us return to a fair sharing of wealth and freedom.

Peter Canham, Hitchin

Is it a service for the people to keep warm this winter or is it a business to make the profits bigger. If everyone stopped payment for one month they’d fail big time.

Stuart Wooldridge, Pontefract

Energy should never have been privatised. We want it back.

Kevin Brown

Keep railways in public ownership – not producing profits to line a few pockets!

John Brady, Doncaster

The energy companies are ripping us off in order to make fat profits. This is wrong.

Colin Anderson, Dunstable

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

It is immoral for individual and corporate fat cats to profit so obscenely from peoples’ need simply to stay warm. All energy companies should be renationalised now.

Judith Maizels, Bushey

If we are all in this together then why aren’t the profits to shareholders falling?

Malcolm Duckworth, Preston

Power to the many in the hands of the many.

Bernie Lally, Northampton