Give us our money back you thieving gits watching us suffer.

Jojo Llewellyn, Swansea

Re-nationalise energy and let’s have it work for the public once again and not the greedy shareholders and energy companies.

Kenneth Muschamp

Dear British Gas, stop ripping me off.

Mike P Hodgson, Penrith

Privatisation wouldn’t have been so bad if the prices hadn’t been driven up so far so fast and the services degraded. Shareholders and businessmen are all greedy.

Sandra Humphries, Southsea

How can something so vital for human life be used to make a few richer?

Peter Sharpe, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I was forced to debilitating depression and suicide by N-power’s false billing. My MP wrote to Voker Beckers and we have no reply a year on.

Garry Clarkson, Leeds

Tell Sid he’s a thief.

Ray Butler, Manchester

We need services run for citizens, not private profiteers.

Thomas Dunn, York

obviously privatisation has been a disaster. All the evidence is there. Thatcher was wrong. We need a proper left wing spokesman to highlight this.

Michael Lawson, Borehamwood

I am tired of the energy companies making profits from the poorest in society.

Mag McNally, London

Nationalisation is best with no dividends to pay.

Margaret Evans, Sheffield

I’m just sick of being ripped off by these greedy power companies.

Gillian Hawkins, Poole

I too support the re-nationalisation of energy supply in the UK.

Claire Goodes, Ashford

Utilities are too important to the public to be run at their expense for private profit.

Anthony Peter, Todmorden

One of the evil things the Tories did was privatisation.

Martin Webb, Goole

I have three kids and cannot afford to heat the house for them. It’s ridiculous that these power companies think it’s acceptable to charge the amount they do.

David Wilson, East Kilbride

Our energy supply is fundamental to our society and should be owned by our society.

John Hoyle, Kettering

I couldn’t agree more with this agenda. Power to the voiceless.

Bryan White, Derby

It should not have been sold off in the first place. It only lined the pockets of Tories’ friends and masters.

Eric Woodruff, Lytham St Anne’s

If electricity supply can be run at a profit, that profit should go directly to improving the country not to shareholders. I would have thought that was obvious.

Steve Brady, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

All utilities should be under state control, in order to control prices and ensure supply whilst cutting out fat cat profiteering.

Peter Jones, Loughborough

Services for the people, not private profit.

Terry Down, Milton Keynes

Let’s get back to how it was – a more fair society.

Hazel Willmer, Barnsley

Power for the people.

Leah Etteridge, Chatham

When the Tory government privatised utilities, they did not plan it out. It is a failed experiment which has only succeeded in making the man in the street suffer.

Paul Pearson, Shrewsbury

Monopoly may be a popular game but in real life it’s no fun for the customer. It’s just a cartel in disguise.

Caroline Abbott, Middlesbrough

The water companies should also be taken back into public ownership. Water is a vital resource for everyone. The notion that it can be owned by anyone is obscene.

Roger Wells, Stourbridge

Why do we need the money-grabbing middle men? Give us back our energy industry and plough the profits back into the infrastructure, not into the pockets of shareholders.

Jim Peters, Denham

I love this campaign. It’s time to smash the myth that privatisation is good for consumers.

Damien Clarkson, London