Let’s get back to pre-Thatcher era when we the people owned and reaped the benefits of public ownership. It’s only right.

Patricia Bull, Lewes

That’s it. We’ve had enough. You can push the people so far. Now we are taking our power back.

Angela Holcroft, North Berwick

Our broad intervention strategies are: 1. Poverty eradication. 2. Food security and nutrition. 3. Health and population dynamics. 4. Education. 5. Gender Equality.

Professor Okullu-Ayor Vincent, Kampala, Uganda

About damn time. Let’s hope many more signatures follow.

Elvis Dutton, Bath

I hate being held to ransom.

Diane Hibbert, Rainworth

21st-century government has a duty to provide all its citizens with heat and light at a fair price. Ability to pay should make no difference to this basic human right.

Hugh Terry, Reading

Heating and lighting are essential commodities in the UK. They should not be profit-based industries. They should be run by society for society.

Lindy Furby, Edinburgh

Bring back British Rail and the water, gas and electricity.

Paul Taylor, Bristol

The ridiculous greed of all energy companies and their suppliers must stop. We must also find ways of reducing our reliance on fossil fuels without it costing the earth.

H Moon, Brighton

It’s about time the British people were helped by this government.

David Blandford, Nomansland

We need to maintain a core of public services which create a sense of shared ownership and shared benefit. Water, energy, health, education cannot be open to profiteers.

Sean Millwood, Stevenage

Customer choice in the provision of essential utilities makes no sense. Nationalisation of these industries serves the people of the country well.

Phillipa Partington, Bedford

We need to get back to a uniform fair price with profits going into improvements, not shareholders’ pockets.

Wendy Welford, Thirsk

Give us our power back and allow us the means to produce our own energy on a community basis without the political constraints of large corporations.

Tom Rickman, Penzance

When people are having to decide between heating and eating what does that say about modern day Britain? The more shareholders get the more they want. Greedy people.

Anita Hambly, Northamptonshire

I have been saying we should re-nationalise the industry for years.

Richard Smith, Devizes

This needs to happen.

Joseph Payne

The voice and will of the silent majority needs to be heard.

Geoffrey Allen, Cramlington

Let’s start putting people before profit.

Philippe Lechat, Chatham

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

All makes sense to me. Do it now.

Matt Haskins, London

Honesty and integrity. Be the first with these values.

Steve Brooks, Finedon

Let’s bring an end to the extortion racket that is operated by the power companies.

Nigel Buxton, Sheffield

Profits from utility, bus and rail companies should be ploughed back into infrastructure, not shareholders” pockets.

Jeremy Hoyte, Oswestry

I agree fully with your comments.

Abigail Wheeler, Cheltenham

I would like to put my name to this petition and I actively support the campaign to bring back our energy network into public ownership.

Oliver Steward, Norwich

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

Investment in power is woeful. The profits are intolerable.

John Abbott, Leeds

Profits before people must stop.

Daniel Holt, Bournemouth

More money for the rich and the poor suffer.

Lennard James-Tall, Llanelli