All energy should be state owned.

Kenneth Miller, Leeds

Putting food on the table is hard enough without worrying about the cost of cooking it.

Sean Barlow, Chester

It’s just common sense to run basic essentials in the public sphere and for the public good.

Chris Speedy, Leeds

I’m sat in a cold freezing room writing this with my feet in the cat box, just to keep some warmth and circulation going.

Bob Green, Sheffield

The voice and will of the silent majority needs to be heard.

Geoffrey Allen, Cramlington

I’m 100% behind you on this. It’s time to favour people rather than profits. We need to re-nationalise all utilities and public transport.

Philip Joyce, Dundee

You know it is fair.

Susanna Rance, Plymouth

Fairness for all please, not just the rich.

Mary Morgan, Manchester

The time has come for the downfall of the greedy Big Six, who are more than content to leave pensioners to freeze to death in their homes should they dare to eat vs heat.

Jamie Bolam Scott, Nottingham

Power to and for the people. Let’s move society forward.

Martin Catchpole, Ipswich

Sounds good to me.

Jane Taylor, Doncaster

Utility companies are cash cows for foreign equity funds. Frankly, it’s mad.

Gary Brooke, Manchester

It is obscene for anyone (including the government with VAT) and especially foreigners to make money from the sale of domestic fuel. Privatisation is essential.

Ian Grant, Sunderland

Nothing good ever came from privatisation.

Rebecca Lush Blum, Southampton

Stop the rip-off.

Howard Badder, Ilkeston

Honesty and integrity. Be the first with these values.

Steve Brooks, Finedon

With this bunch of bully-boys in power, the campaign for re-nationalisation based on cold hard numbers, highlighting how we’ve lost out is needed more than ever.

Peter Burns, Newport

We need water, gas, electric and the banks – back in public ownership and get this country back on track!

Jamie Bramwell, Cheshire

Above inflation price rises year on year is simply not sustainable. This is sheer profiteering. The companies can see that their days are numbered.

Matthew Allen, Portsmouth

It’s past time to roll back the Thatcherite privatisations which did nothing but sow confusion as to what is the supposed best deal. And that’s the least of it.

Graham Pascall, Milngavie

It’s time for action. People need heat and light to survive.

Paul Clarke, Glasgow

Stop privatisation now.

Gavin Symes, Farnham

Power for the people and to the people – people power. as John Lennon put it – Love and Peace.

Pete & Nikki Perry, Stevenage

Get back to sanity.

Norman Wall, Wallsend

When I was a teenager I watched Thatcher’s privatisation of UK assets and knew it was bad for citizens and then labour betrayed us. Time to return to rightful owners.

Michael Tanner, Port Talbot

Re-nationalise energy and let’s have it work for the public once again and not the greedy shareholders and energy companies.

Kenneth Muschamp

Why employ all these different salespeople trying to give me a different price for the same product? Have one nationalised provider and keep prices low for everybody.

David Willey, Ayr

We need services run for citizens, not private profiteers.

Thomas Dunn, York

The supply of a universal commodity, such as energy, should be run on a non-profit basis.

Julian Smith, Dunfermline

Power for the people.

Colin Keatley, Plymouth