I believe in a free market economy. But remove the exceptions to the rule that are the utilities and mass transport systems.

Dave James, Tavistock

Power production should be for us all and not for private profit.

David Weston, Bodmin

That’s it. We’ve had enough. You can push the people so far. Now we are taking our power back.

Angela Holcroft, North Berwick

The energy rip-off needs to end now.

Alan Ralph, Watford

Public utilities should never have been privatised. The Big Six are becoming more expensive because they are not exploiting renewables.

Louis Loizou, Brighton

Big business has had too much power for too long. Its time to return it back to the people.

Dennis Exley, Barnsley

The power companies were stolen from the people. Repossess them immediately.

Peter Swindells, Wolverhampton

All utilities should be publicly owned and run for the benefit of the public not shareholders, with profits ploughed back in for everyone’s benefit.

Anne Callaghan, Blantyre

It’s time to end the experiment! Energy supply is too important to be left in the hands of the private sector!

Peter Whitehead, Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire

I’m 100% behind you.

Eric Firth, Dewsbury

Privatisation has failed the people. These must be brought back under state control.

John Ellison, Leicester

The time has come for the downfall of the greedy Big Six, who are more than content to leave pensioners to freeze to death in their homes should they dare to eat vs heat.

Jamie Bolam Scott, Nottingham

It’s plain common sense.

David Burn, York

There needs to be a common policy, approach and pay structure which realistically focuses on the end consumer.

Lesley Downes, Exmouth

All have the right to have access to essentials for life, which includes an energy supply, regardless of ability to pay.

John Tyrrell, Birmingham

The shameless boss of energy giant SSE is set to walk away with £15million as a golden goodbye, after his company was fined £4.5million for ripping off customers.

Alex Casale, London

I too support the re-nationalisation of energy supply in the UK.

Claire Goodes, Ashford

The essential infrastructure of a country shouldn’t be in the hands of money-making private enterprises. They should be run for the good of the people of the country.

Paul Britton, Stevenage

Give us our utilities back now.

Col Farrell, Liverpool

Fuel to keep warm, heat water and cook food should be affordable for all. Re-nationalise the energy firms. People before profits.

Sheila Wiggins, Bournemouth

We are being ripped off by these companies. Let’s disband them now and take back ownership.

Sue Underwood, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Profit from privatisation is given to shareholders whereas profits from nationalisation is re-invested to improve the system. Government has ultimate control, not fat cats.

Karl Snowdon, Gateshead

Great campaign. How to achieve it needs to be thought through carefully, but there has to be a better way of doing these things than we have at present. More imagination.

John Lee, Cupar

Honesty and integrity. Be the first with these values.

Steve Brooks, Finedon

We don’t want more choice. We just want better service, of benefit to both individuals and companies, serving the economy as a whole, not just shareholders.

Peter Moss, Birmingham

Energy should never have been privatised. We want it back.

Kevin Brown

Governments have failed to correct this. We must.

Shirley Tunley, Aberystwyth

Giving the private sector monopolies is the most stupid thing, amongst many, the Tories ever did.

Niall Clifford, Yeovil

Energy supplies and infrastructure are produced by the people. They should be owned by the people.

Paul Mclean, Leeds

Monopoly may be a popular game but in real life it’s no fun for the customer. It’s just a cartel in disguise.

Caroline Abbott, Middlesbrough