It’s time for action. People need heat and light to survive.

Paul Clarke, Glasgow

Fuel should be at cost and not be for profit.

Claire Scott, Bideford

I think it is wrong that services that are virtually human rights are there for the purpose of making money.

Stefan Wright, Huddersfield

Utilities are basic necessities and should be run for the benefit of the public, not shareholders.

John Evans, Billericay

Before the sell-off there were 60million shareholders, each with one equal share and equal rights. Now the many pay the few, with no say, rights or choice. Our time has come.

Jon Crinks, Liskeard

A 21st Century smart organisation, lean, agile, co-operative and sociocratic – sharp and efficient. Replace customer-hostile with customer-centred.

Martin Grimshaw, Brighton

Certain commodities should be owned by the people, for the people. Energy, public transport, water.

David Cunliffe, St Helens

This has ripped off the ordinary people long enough.

Pauline Hacker, Preston

I have been saying we should re-nationalise the industry for years.

Richard Smith, Devizes

When I was a teenager I watched Thatcher’s privatisation of UK assets and knew it was bad for citizens and then labour betrayed us. Time to return to rightful owners.

Michael Tanner, Port Talbot

Power is too important to be left to private business.

Toby Ray, London

Re-nationalisation of all utilities.

Dennis Wood, Clacton-on-Sea

Keep railways in public ownership – not producing profits to line a few pockets!

John Brady, Doncaster

Utilities should never have been privatised in the first place. Please, re-nationalise for the sake of the British people.

Christian Chess, Chippenham

It was, will be and is the property of those who are the property of this land. Let’s manage it so users, planet and the power industry workers get what they need.

Kay Green, Hastings

Something as essential as power generation should not be in the hands of people whose only interest is in short term shareholder gain.

Mike Higgins, Minsterley

This isn’t just about energy prices. Look at the scandals surrounding G4S, Serco and Atos. Some things should not be privatised.

Nick Haeffner, London

Light and heat are basic human needs and profits should not be made from their provision.

Brian Hoey, Houghton-le-Spring

A publicly owned energy provider will show up the lie that competition has been good for consumers, just as East Coast has on the railways.

Tom Warnett, Slough

Our country should be run by the majority vote of the people not the MPs and fat cats. We are the ones who pay their wages.

Ryan Curtis, Bristol

Run utilities for the people and the environment

Steve Black, Southampton

The essential infrastructure of a country shouldn’t be in the hands of money-making private enterprises. They should be run for the good of the people of the country.

Paul Britton, Stevenage

I was forced to debilitating depression and suicide by N-power’s false billing. My MP wrote to Voker Beckers and we have no reply a year on.

Garry Clarkson, Leeds

Another public asset stolen from the people.

John Payne, London

Stop extortionate bills. Also stop extortionate estimates that neither reflect the consumption of energy or make clear that they are only estimates.

Sam Roberts, Liverpool

I’m sick to death of stupid and corrupt politicians making rubbish decisions. We must have independence.

John Lynch, Pudsey.

Needs to be joined together to give a combined, united service.

Robert Webster, Cambridge

It’s about time we stopped foreign countries buying into us and ripping out our roots.

Elaine Whybrow, Dartford