It makes sense for ‘natural monopoly’ industries, providing necessities like energy, to be in public hands. Profits directly invested into insulating homes.

Rosie Leach, Machynlleth

Stop robbing your customers. How dare you raise the cost of your customers’ ordinary living expenses. You are making millions, if not billions, out of us. Shame.

Valerie Tucker, Ebbw Vale

Enough is enough.

Rick Long

Allowing vital national infrastructure like this to be monopolised by a small number of multinational corporations is just madness. It always was.

Andrew Meredith, Chippenham

Only public ownership will deliver a service for the people, not profits for shareholders.

Martin Cummins, Edinburgh

We need cheaper fuel.

Susan Rogers, Whalley Range

Enough is enough with no pay rises and the energy companies just milking us. It’s time that fuel came back into public ownership.

Nigel Penn, Buxton

Public ownership can be local and democratic. It does not have to be 1940s style state bureaucracy.

John Tilley, Kingston upon Thames

People dying due to profiteering and government indifference is nothing short of corporate manslaughter.

Malcolm Palfrey, Uckfield

Power production should be for us all and not for private profit.

David Weston, Bodmin

Big Six energy companies are a definite cartel. Let’s have a proper investigation into them. Ever since the utility companies were put in private hands prices have risen.

Mark Laidler, Doncaster

Regulator as much good as a chocolate teapot.

Steven Hearne, Doncaster

It was, will be and is the property of those who are the property of this land. Let’s manage it so users, planet and the power industry workers get what they need.

Kay Green, Hastings

One of the best things for UK people and UK finance would be the re-nationalisation of power and railways.

Lesley Burt, Christchurch

It’s about time someone made the essential energy we all need a non-profit deal and made it affordable for all.

Philip Marchant, Llandysul

Re-nationalise it all. It should all be owned by and run for all the people – not thieves and shareholders.

Simon Williams, Sutton

Enough is enough. People first, not profit.

Michael Shaw, Saddleworth

Nationalisation without compensation. Give us back our utilities now.

John Wilson, Glasgow

I can’t see how paying dividends can do anything other than take money away from customer service or lower prices.

Andii Bowsher, Sunderland

Essential services should be publicly owned and not a business driven by profit.

Janet Mobbs, Stockport

A publicly owned energy provider will show up the lie that competition has been good for consumers, just as East Coast has on the railways.

Tom Warnett, Slough

This needs to happen.

Joseph Payne

The government are far too keen to sell everything off and give the general public sweet nothing in return.

Brian Baylis, Downham Market

I’m fed up with what should be national institutions being used as cash cows for a few rich fat cats.

Simon Godfrey, Kilwinning

Energy is an essential part of life. We shouldn’t be held to ransom by those who are only out for profit. Nationalise and reinvest the profits and/or reduce bills.

David Winter, Hornchurch

Gas and electricity were once in public ownership and ran without problems of profit making. They should be returned to public ownership.

Anthony Hook, Chesterfield

No compensation for the shareholders who got the shares at a bargain price.

David Robinson, Sheffield

These energy companies are like a mafia, using the consumer as a cash cow. The Government doesn’t want to do anything to stop it because half the MPs are shareholders.

Lynne Campbell, Co. Durham

All essential services should be nationalised. That’s rail, water, energy, post office, and schools under local authority control.

Sylvia Coles, Nottingham

No need to feed the greed. Plant the seed.

Bryan Burrow, Kendal