Public utilities should never be in private hands. Simple.

Alec Rivers, Folkestone

Power to the people to eradicate poverty caused by big power companies and big businesses making huge profits of millions of pounds by selling energy at high prices.

Peter Burns, Holyhead

Give us our power back and allow us the means to produce our own energy on a community basis without the political constraints of large corporations.

Tom Rickman, Penzance

Sustainable, affordable and communal energy.

Jenny Rust, Bath

Utilities are too important to the public to be run at their expense for private profit.

Anthony Peter, Todmorden

This is pure Conservative ideology that has driven this incorrect policy, which no other country of note agrees with.

Bill Hunter, Hartlepool

It’s about time this issue was brought to the fore.

Steven Robert Gill, Fareham

Re-nationalise without delay. Privatisation has failed miserably.

Paul Beattie, Corby

Return our gas and electricity to public ownership now.

Keith Davies, Pentre

I just want a reliable, fair, publicly-owned utility, not a never-ending cycle of chasing different suppliers to get good value.

Martyn Wilson, Farnborough

Nationalisation without compensation. Give us back our utilities now.

John Wilson, Glasgow

The fact that the privatised energy companies can threaten the UK with blackouts has made the need for nationalisation more urgent.

Diane Tsavalos, Liverpool

This is very important – do not ignore the voices of your people.

Simon Roberts, London

Bring back nationalised power for the people of Britain and stop these greedy giants lining their pockets.

Sue Stacey, Stockport

I am so fed up with how the corporates and bankers pull the strings of the government. There are simple and cheap pollution-free solutions to the energy problems.

Yvonne Mustapha, High Wycombe

Privatisation has proved not to be in the interests of the nation. Competition has not resulted in companies vying to please customers, but in a self-interested cartel.

Susan Henderson, St Albans

Services by the people for the people. Bring the energy and water companies back into public ownership.

Gareth Brown, Rugby

Our energy infrastructure is a vital national asset. It is too important to be left in private hands and run for private profit.

Martin Findell, Nottingham

Return energy to public ownership.

Jennifer Gorrod, Tayport

More money for the rich and the poor suffer.

Lennard James-Tall, Llanelli

The sooner the energy companies are re-nationalised the better it will be for the customers.

Michael Gorbold, Cheshunt

This petition should highlight the need for more social responsibility to be shown by this selfish and one-eyed government.

Roger Jackson, York

Utility companies are cash cows for foreign equity funds. Frankly, it’s mad.

Gary Brooke, Manchester

It is worth trying, despite the hopelessness we all feel on these issues. See recent reports on how Iceland has resisted the power of banks and multinational corporations.

Dorothy Nelson, St Austell

Bring back the CEGB. They would have solved the reduction of CO2 problem, got nuclear generation, got safe generation margins etc.

John Exon, Harrogate

The sooner this happens the better.

Mark Jordan, Ripley, Surrey

Time to draw the line in the sand methinks.

Paul Burgess, Torquay

People not profits.

Peter Treadwell, Melton Mowbray

Life is too short.

Sara Hall, London

It is time we all said enough is enough. Thank you for organising this petition.

Robert Gordon, Nottingham