It should never have been sold off in the first place. It’s a basic need which should be provided for the people by the people.

Alison Belbin, Birmingham

I can’t see how paying dividends can do anything other than take money away from customer service or lower prices.

Andii Bowsher, Sunderland

People would be happier paying tax if the essential services were to be or stay nationalised.

Jez Curnow, Edinburgh

When I was a teenager I watched Thatcher’s privatisation of UK assets and knew it was bad for citizens and then labour betrayed us. Time to return to rightful owners.

Michael Tanner, Port Talbot

The only concern I have is that the government can’t even run the country. How are they going to cope with anything else?

Frank Lane, Doncaster

The current political concern about energy provision consistently ignores the obvious – that the problems are the consequence of privatisation.

Simon Archer, York

The huge growth in profit taken by the Big Six over the last four years – from

Jane Lowry, Falmouth

Time to draw the line in the sand methinks.

Paul Burgess, Torquay

Energy is clearly not safe in private hands.

Caroline Charles, London

If electricity supply can be run at a profit, that profit should go directly to improving the country not to shareholders. I would have thought that was obvious.

Steve Brady, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

To be warm is a basic human right, like a roof over your head – and education and health care.

Scilla Allen, Shoreham-by-Sea

It’s about time these companies were punished. They’re absolutely disgusting, the lot of them.

Garry Boyle, Brentwood

The recent price increases by the major energy companies prey on the most vulnerable members of society solely to boost already record high profits.

Gerald Halligan, Edinburgh

Re-nationalise and rationalise the energy sector. As long as companies can make a profit exploiting natural resources they will continue to do so.

Julia Callow, Bournemouth

People should not have to choose heating over eating.

Jimmy Murray, London

Energy is now an essential for normal living, and thus shouldn’t be run for private profits.

Tony Douglas, Lanark

Restore security and sovereignty by restoring energy, utilities and transport to public ownership.

Simon Silvie, Barrow-in-Furness

Privatisation of Britain’s public services has been a disaster for consumers, the environment and the economy.

Jim Dignan, Sheffield

It should never have happened in the first place. It just cost us all a lot of money. And for what?

Brian Cann, Yeovil

obviously privatisation has been a disaster. All the evidence is there. Thatcher was wrong. We need a proper left wing spokesman to highlight this.

Michael Lawson, Borehamwood

Rip-off utilities companies need sorting out. People before profit.

Tony Wathen, Sutton

Because energy is too important to be left to the spivs.

Dave Waite, Lincoln

Regulators are captured by their industries and this makes the commercial model act against its consumers if pursuit of profits paid to foreign owners.

Blair Breton, Portsmouth

The aim to privatise our natural emerging monopolies would only end in disaster. There is no competition on energy provision and it’s a huge waste of resources.

Callum Thomas, Brighton

It’s about time something like this came up. I agree wholeheartedly and wish every success to the campaign, which I will follow and support.

Richard Lock, Dorking

We may as well bring it back into public ownership as taxpayers are paying for it anyway.

Bob Dennett, Lytham

There needs to be a common policy, approach and pay structure which realistically focuses on the end consumer.

Lesley Downes, Exmouth

I really wish you good luck in this campaign, because everything in the UK is being privatised.

Matthew Saunders, Barnet

Without a doubt we need to re-nationalise power companies, as rampant free-market economics is causing misery for the majority.

Stephen Michael, Horley