Privatisation instead of state monopoly was meant to lead to competition and lower prices for consumers. This hasn’t happened and rich bosses make even more profit.

Patricia Borlenghi, Manningtree

Public utilities for the public. Not massive profits for foreign companies while we freeze.

Susan Pearce, Oldham

The current political concern about energy provision consistently ignores the obvious – that the problems are the consequence of privatisation.

Simon Archer, York

The government could be making all the profit and then reduce taxes and improve public services.

Graham Smith, Barnard Castle

No-one should be profiting out of the essentials of life; any surplus should be going back into the public purse.

Julia Hector, Stirling

It’s crazy. We have the skills and the unemployed so we should use them.

Jennifer Andrew, Oxford

It’s about time these big companies are called to account for pricing people out of their basic day-to-day needs.

Stephen Chambers, Strood

These energy companies are like a mafia, using the consumer as a cash cow. The Government doesn’t want to do anything to stop it because half the MPs are shareholders.

Lynne Campbell, Co. Durham

Start with the railways, then re-nationalise gas, water and electricity. Hands off the Royal Mail too!

Iain Logan, Liverpool

It is time we all said enough is enough. Thank you for organising this petition.

Robert Gordon, Nottingham

Get it back in our hands, with proper, democratically-consulted safeguards against bad management this time.

Christine & Vic Taylor, Keyworth

I’m sat in a cold freezing room writing this with my feet in the cat box, just to keep some warmth and circulation going.

Bob Green, Sheffield

Privatisation wouldn’t have been so bad if the prices hadn’t been driven up so far so fast and the services degraded. Shareholders and businessmen are all greedy.

Sandra Humphries, Southsea

Electricity and gas are now a vital part of our everyday lives. It is morally wrong to profit from something the people are so dependant on.

Jack Grout, Huddersfield

This cartel of foreign-owned utilities should be more accountable.

Bernadette Reid, Harrogate

Everyone needs to stand together and join us in rolling back the control of market forces.

Mark Arnold, Southend-on-Sea

You know it makes sense.

Antony Silson, Keighley

Enough is enough.

Rick Long

Give us back our freedom that our parents fought for and stop ripping us off.

Susan Aldrich, Filey

Maggie Sold off the taxpayers’ property without their permission, leading to the chaos and profiteering, substandard maintenance and horrendous price Increases.

John Price, Oakham

We need cheaper fuel.

Susan Rogers, Whalley Range

This country should by now be secure in the provision of clean, renewable, affordable energy. It is the shame of recent governments that we are not.

Christine De-Pulford, Frome

It’s plain common sense.

Roger Dickings, Peterborough

Keep up the good work. We are on an electric key meter. Not many companies do it so it makes it hard to change.

Moira Smith, Kent

The voice and will of the silent majority needs to be heard.

Geoffrey Allen, Cramlington

Good idea. As it would cost, why not set up a publicly owned company, cut the other’s prices and they will soon cease trading?

Steve Waldenberg, Leeds

Energy, rail and health are strategic resources that should be government controlled. We’ve already got health, so there are two to go.

Jim Roche, Leeds

It’s time to take back what’s ours.

Brian McCaig, Renfrew

Common sense over greed, please.

Miranda Hartwell

It cannot be right that businesses make huge profits from energy.

John Crawford, Burscough