Prices are too high.

John Taylor, Guisborough

I’m just sick of being ripped off by these greedy power companies.

Gillian Hawkins, Poole

It’s about time this issue was brought to the fore.

Steven Robert Gill, Fareham

Fantastic idea.

Marja Bonada, Oswestry

Honesty and integrity. Be the first with these values.

Steve Brooks, Finedon

As Midnight said: The time has come. A fact’s a fact – It belongs to them. Let’s give it back.

Tom Conway, Derby

We need water, gas, electric and the banks – back in public ownership and get this country back on track!

Jamie Bramwell, Cheshire

Government approved robbery of the population for the benefit of the few.

Gordon Stringer, Potters Bar

All the utility privatisations were a complete disaster for the consumer and the generating industry itself. It’s time to admit it. Get rid of these boards of directors.

John Withill, Leeds

The time is right to have our power back.

John Scholes, Maryburgh

Stop the Great British rip-off. Bring back utilities and transport into our ownership.

Dennis Archer, Arnold

Energy to serve the sustainable needs of the many, not the short-term profit of the elite few.

Andrew Duncan, Exeter

Power to the little men and women.

Stuart Holden, Nottingham

It is time we all said enough is enough. Thank you for organising this petition.

Robert Gordon, Nottingham

It should never have been sold off in the first place.

Michael Rutland, Stockton-on-Tees

Good idea. As it would cost, why not set up a publicly owned company, cut the other’s prices and they will soon cease trading?

Steve Waldenberg, Leeds

They should belong to the people.

Anthony Curtis, Scarborough

All the fuel companies are rogues.

Maria Nelson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

People should come before profit, and investment in renewable energy is urgently needed for the sake of future generations.

Helen Eynon, Penzance

This country should by now be secure in the provision of clean, renewable, affordable energy. It is the shame of recent governments that we are not.

Christine De-Pulford, Frome

Why employ all these different salespeople trying to give me a different price for the same product? Have one nationalised provider and keep prices low for everybody.

David Willey, Ayr

All utilities should be publicly owned and run for the benefit of the public not shareholders, with profits ploughed back in for everyone’s benefit.

Anne Callaghan, Blantyre

Energy supply and distribution requires long term and nationwide co-ordination. Privatisation gives no reason to look to the future when a quick buck can be made now.

Alexander Scott, Ardrossan

Another privatisation for the benefit of the City and funders of the Conservative Party.

Malcolm Grant, Plungar

Profiteering based on the sale of a commodity which is essential to life and basic human comfort is outrageous. Nationalisation would end this.

Neil Cameron, Sheffield

It’s about time. I’m sick of getting robbed every winter.

Stephen Cooper, Peterborough

Enough is enough with no pay rises and the energy companies just milking us. It’s time that fuel came back into public ownership.

Nigel Penn, Buxton

The aim to privatise our natural emerging monopolies would only end in disaster. There is no competition on energy provision and it’s a huge waste of resources.

Callum Thomas, Brighton

I’m tired of being overcharged and paying more for ever decreasing benefit. Nationalise now.

Julia Clarke, Croydon

There are those that can and those that cannot heat their homes. I’m for supporting and speaking up for those that can’t.

Mitch James, Bristol