It’s about time. I’m sick of getting robbed every winter.

Stephen Cooper, Peterborough

Re-nationalise energy and let’s have it work for the public once again and not the greedy shareholders and energy companies.

Kenneth Muschamp

About damn time. Let’s hope many more signatures follow.

Elvis Dutton, Bath

Capitalism or a planet – it’s one or the other.

John Freestone, Harrogate

I agree we need not-for-profit, but with a good business structure of course.

Annalise Richter, Swansea

Power to the people now.

Kieran Hill, Sheffield

No argument. Power is an essential, not a profit-making commodity.

Sarah Patton, Haslemere

Another privatisation for the benefit of the City and funders of the Conservative Party.

Malcolm Grant, Plungar

No-one should be profiting out of the essentials of life; any surplus should be going back into the public purse.

Julia Hector, Stirling

This has ripped off the ordinary people long enough.

Pauline Hacker, Preston

It cannot be right that businesses make huge profits from energy.

John Crawford, Burscough

Profits from utility, bus and rail companies should be ploughed back into infrastructure, not shareholders” pockets.

Jeremy Hoyte, Oswestry

You know it is fair.

Susanna Rance, Plymouth

Privatisation has been bad for everybody apart from the very rich. The country has gone to the dogs since things were privatised.

Ken Horn, Swadlincote

There are too many companies offering lots of deals. The consumer can’t work out what is best for them. Often changing suppliers makes it worse. We need clarification.

Jean Coates, Harrogate

Utilities need to return to public ownership. We’re being ripped off.

Mike Seaman, Uxbridge

Energy should not be in the hands of foreign companies. We the people should own it. France and Germany would never privatise strategic industries.

Marjorie Arnold, Wigan

Put this resource back in the hands of the British taxpayer instead of foreign shareholders who do not care about people.

Joyce Watchorn, Chester-le-Street

Nothing good ever came from privatisation.

Rebecca Lush Blum, Southampton

It should never have been privatised in the first place.

Lorna Bramley, Penicuik

Current events. Enough said.

Thomas Reid, Barlby

People dying due to profiteering and government indifference is nothing short of corporate manslaughter.

Malcolm Palfrey, Uckfield

Energy should not be privately owned as profits go to shareholders first. Also those on the lowest incomes and on pre-pay meters pay the most for their fuel.

Casey Tremain, Portsmouth

Restore security and sovereignty by restoring energy, utilities and transport to public ownership.

Simon Silvie, Barrow-in-Furness

It’s ours, give it back.

Gwen Robb, Nottingham

Give us decently priced fuels.

Sheilagh Merrett, Windlesham

Stop privatisation now.

Gavin Symes, Farnham

It’s time for a return to non-profit utilities, providing public services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Linda Urquhart, Loughborough

Nationalisation is for the benefit of the vast majority of the British people.

Elizabeth Burling, Barnet