I agree we need not-for-profit, but with a good business structure of course.

Annalise Richter, Swansea

No-one should be profiting out of the essentials of life; any surplus should be going back into the public purse.

Julia Hector, Stirling

Clearly nothing fundamental to life should be owned for profit.

Mike Bird, Llandudno

Energy is clearly not safe in private hands.

Caroline Charles, London

Power back to the people in a not-for-profit company.

Philip Todd, Stokesley

All utilities and public transport should be in state ownership.

John Truelove, Weston-super-Mare

It is time to bring them back into state hands for the good of the many not a few shareholders

Len Smith, Shirebrook

It’s plain common sense.

David Burn, York

Fantastic idea.

Marja Bonada, Oswestry

Nationalisation is best with no dividends to pay.

Margaret Evans, Sheffield

Tell Sid to hand back the keys and bugger off.

David Goodwin, Dunchurch

I’m 100% behind you on this. It’s time to favour people rather than profits. We need to re-nationalise all utilities and public transport.

Philip Joyce, Dundee

The more of us unite and speak out the better.

Pippa Richardson, Swansea

We have been ripped off far too long by corrupt government after corrupt government. It’s time the public voice was heard.

Mike McCleary, Highbridge

If you see Sid, tell him we messed it up.

Richard Desjardins, Ashby de la Zouch

I am awake. For too long now have my eyes been shut to the abuses and corruption that is an endemic rot through the very fabric of society. I say viva la revolution.

Christian Baker, Todmorden

This petition should highlight the need for more social responsibility to be shown by this selfish and one-eyed government.

Roger Jackson, York

All utilities should be owned by the public.

Arthur Pallett, Stoke-on-Trent

That’s it. We’ve had enough. You can push the people so far. Now we are taking our power back.

Angela Holcroft, North Berwick

I too support the re-nationalisation of energy supply in the UK.

Claire Goodes, Ashford

Why do people not shift away from the Big Six? If everyone did they’d soon think again about their prices.

Sheila Taylor, Sheffield

I’m tired of being overcharged and paying more for ever decreasing benefit. Nationalise now.

Julia Clarke, Croydon

Everyone who remembers the privatisation of utilities foresaw this happening. Re-nationalise now without compensation.

Tom Organ, Bristol

I was forced to debilitating depression and suicide by N-power’s false billing. My MP wrote to Voker Beckers and we have no reply a year on.

Garry Clarkson, Leeds

Sustainable, affordable and communal energy.

Jenny Rust, Bath

Bring back the CEGB and area boards and not the private companies, mainly from abroad, fleecing the British taxpayers.

Alan Newstead, Eastleigh

Privatised energy is not serving the consumer; only the energy companies and their shareholders. Nationalise energy now.

Chuck Elliot, Sheffield

Please return the gas and electricity industry to the same great institution which it used to be.

Stephen Munton, Birmingham

Stop making a profit from you own people.

Mark Whittaker, Nottinghamshire

Can we trust politicians to run anything? Heaven help us.

Kevin Guyatt, Stockport