I hate being held to ransom.

Diane Hibbert, Rainworth

Big business has had too much power for too long. Its time to return it back to the people.

Dennis Exley, Barnsley

All utilities and public transport should be in state ownership.

John Truelove, Weston-super-Mare

Please return the gas and electricity industry to the same great institution which it used to be.

Stephen Munton, Birmingham

Don’t they think we pay enough? The government gave the nurses 1% and then the power companies put their prices up by 10%.

Alan Bettridge, London

Services by the people for the people. Bring the energy and water companies back into public ownership.

Gareth Brown, Rugby

A publicly owned energy provider will show up the lie that competition has been good for consumers, just as East Coast has on the railways.

Tom Warnett, Slough

Rip-off Britain.

S Leach, Essex

The time is right to take back the industries into public hands for benefit of the public.

George Hill, Corby

Light and heat are basic human needs and profits should not be made from their provision.

Brian Hoey, Houghton-le-Spring

Time to draw the line in the sand methinks.

Paul Burgess, Torquay

Electricity and gas are now a vital part of our everyday lives. It is morally wrong to profit from something the people are so dependant on.

Jack Grout, Huddersfield

As Midnight said: The time has come. A fact’s a fact – It belongs to them. Let’s give it back.

Tom Conway, Derby

It’s time we stopped treating our neighbours as competitors, and for politicians playing the electorate off against each other. Let’s come together for the common good.

Steve Jarvis, Westbury

When a company is nationalised, any profits can come back to the people.

Penny Lomas, Leeds

Restore security and sovereignty by restoring energy, utilities and transport to public ownership.

Simon Silvie, Barrow-in-Furness

Bring the power back to the people.

Alex Burnell, Ipswich

People would be happier paying tax if the essential services were to be or stay nationalised.

Jez Curnow, Edinburgh

If you see Sid, tell him we messed it up.

Richard Desjardins, Ashby de la Zouch

Utilities are too important to the public to be run at their expense for private profit.

Anthony Peter, Todmorden

Energy supply and distribution requires long term and nationwide co-ordination. Privatisation gives no reason to look to the future when a quick buck can be made now.

Alexander Scott, Ardrossan

Energy for the public, not for profit! Besides, if it makes a profit, surely this would be better invested in the country than in shareholders pockets.

Richard Robinson, Scarborough

All utilities should belong to the people, not profit-making private companies.

John Warburton, Treuddyn

End this disastrous privatisation.

John Howe, Rotherham

Keep up the good work. We are on an electric key meter. Not many companies do it so it makes it hard to change.

Moira Smith, Kent

Putting food on the table is hard enough without worrying about the cost of cooking it.

Sean Barlow, Chester

This is our right; We have paid ten-fold for the energy infrastructure. It is time it is returned to its rightful owners – the people of Britain.

Karshan Moodley, London

The sooner the energy companies are re-nationalised the better it will be for the customers.

Michael Gorbold, Cheshunt

Privatisation equals prices up, service down, profits to investment bankers.

Pete Heskett, London