Everything has been said. I, like many others, am tired of corporate business profits being placed before the genuine need of the British people.

Stella Davies, Wrexham

Our country should be run by the majority vote of the people not the MPs and fat cats. We are the ones who pay their wages.

Ryan Curtis, Bristol

About damn time. Let’s hope many more signatures follow.

Elvis Dutton, Bath

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

I support this act.

Gamal Salem, Dartford

It’s time to take back what’s ours.

Brian McCaig, Renfrew

One of the best things for UK people and UK finance would be the re-nationalisation of power and railways.

Lesley Burt, Christchurch

The power companies were stolen from the people. Repossess them immediately.

Peter Swindells, Wolverhampton

Please take note of this petition.

Mary Hodges, Newport, Isle of Wight

Governments have failed to correct this. We must.

Shirley Tunley, Aberystwyth

I’ve made the first step by ditching the big companies. I’ve moved my account to Co-operative energy, the first step to bring excessive profits back to members.

Geoff Walker, Stoke On Trent

Public utilities should never have been privatised. The Big Six are becoming more expensive because they are not exploiting renewables.

Louis Loizou, Brighton

This country should by now be secure in the provision of clean, renewable, affordable energy. It is the shame of recent governments that we are not.

Christine De-Pulford, Frome

I’m fed up chasing better deals.

John Podger, Ware

Government approved robbery of the population for the benefit of the few.

Gordon Stringer, Potters Bar

All utilities should be publicly owned and run for the benefit of the public not shareholders, with profits ploughed back in for everyone’s benefit.

Anne Callaghan, Blantyre

All essential services should be nationalised. That’s rail, water, energy, post office, and schools under local authority control.

Sylvia Coles, Nottingham

The time is right to have our power back.

John Scholes, Maryburgh

It’s time to return to sanity. No utility should be for private profit.

Ruth Scriven, Marlborough

It seems that the only way for us ordinary people to be heard is to join together. Here’s hoping for success.

Christine Hill, London

It’s about time something like this came up. I agree wholeheartedly and wish every success to the campaign, which I will follow and support.

Richard Lock, Dorking

Re-nationalise all public utilities.

Mary Jackson, Doncaster

Profits from utility, bus and rail companies should be ploughed back into infrastructure, not shareholders” pockets.

Jeremy Hoyte, Oswestry

People should come before profit, and investment in renewable energy is urgently needed for the sake of future generations.

Helen Eynon, Penzance

It’s about time these big companies are called to account for pricing people out of their basic day-to-day needs.

Stephen Chambers, Strood

The attempt to create an artificial market in energy supply has demonstrably failed. It is broke so let’s fix it.

Rik Alewijnse, Feering

Keep railways in public ownership – not producing profits to line a few pockets!

John Brady, Doncaster

I too support the re-nationalisation of energy supply in the UK.

Claire Goodes, Ashford

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

Heating and lighting are essential commodities in the UK. They should not be profit-based industries. They should be run by society for society.

Lindy Furby, Edinburgh