Re-nationalise the energy and power industries and make government answerable to the people.

Robert Rudge, Glaston, Rutland

Free market capitalism is not the best way for everything and is certainly not the optimal philosophy for providing essential services to a country’s population.

Cristian Gurran, Rotherham

I never thought I would be living in fuel poverty.

Jenny Dimond, Ware

It’s about time the many stopped suffering, to line the pockets of the elite few.

Dean Forsyth, Southend

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

I’m sat in a cold freezing room writing this with my feet in the cat box, just to keep some warmth and circulation going.

Bob Green, Sheffield

Government approved robbery of the population for the benefit of the few.

Gordon Stringer, Potters Bar

We’re told we have fundamental human rights in this country but do they actually mean anything when people are freezing to death in their own homes?

Callum Gill, London

Get back to sanity.

Norman Wall, Wallsend

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

I would hate to be old in this country, and have to choose between food or heating.

Greg Phillips

Dear British Gas, stop ripping me off.

Mike P Hodgson, Penrith

I’m fed up with the fat cat chairman making a mint while my bills still go up and up.

Michael Oram, Dorchester

All energy should be state owned.

Kenneth Miller, Leeds

The sooner the energy companies are re-nationalised the better it will be for the customers.

Michael Gorbold, Cheshunt

Before the sell-off there were 60million shareholders, each with one equal share and equal rights. Now the many pay the few, with no say, rights or choice. Our time has come.

Jon Crinks, Liskeard

Give us back our freedom that our parents fought for and stop ripping us off.

Susan Aldrich, Filey

Let’s get this job done.

Bill Smickersgill, Leeds

It should never have been sold off in the first place.

Michael Rutland, Stockton-on-Tees

I hate being held to ransom.

Diane Hibbert, Rainworth

Fuel should be at cost and not be for profit.

Claire Scott, Bideford

Give us our power back and allow us the means to produce our own energy on a community basis without the political constraints of large corporations.

Tom Rickman, Penzance

Bring the power back to the people.

Alex Burnell, Ipswich

No-one should be profiting out of the essentials of life; any surplus should be going back into the public purse.

Julia Hector, Stirling

If we are all in this together then why aren’t the profits to shareholders falling?

Malcolm Duckworth, Preston

Power supplies are too important to leave privateers in control.

Fred Torr, Truro

I want all utilities re-nationalised.

Diane Attersall, North Shields

I’d rather subsidise my fellow citizens than a bunch of fat cats.

John Hann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The bullies at the Big Six must be stood up to.

Gavin Sibthorpe, London

Return energy to public ownership.

Jennifer Gorrod, Tayport