Return to public ownership for the people’s benefit.

Paul Geraghty, Warrington

At the very least do away with a daily standing charge.

Janet Brooke, Nottingham

Our privatised utilities are a joke. The very nature of this fragmented system has the effect of pushing up costs and the evidence of anti-competitive pricing is obvious.

Guy Falkenau, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Privatisation equals prices up, service down, profits to investment bankers.

Pete Heskett, London

Profits before people must stop.

Daniel Holt, Bournemouth

Stop the Great British rip-off. Bring back utilities and transport into our ownership.

Dennis Archer, Arnold

I transferred to the Co-op from British Gas and Immediately cut my energy costs by a third.

Phillip Walton, Basildon

These industries should never have been privatised in the first place.

Douglas Linaker, Penzance

One of the best things for UK people and UK finance would be the re-nationalisation of power and railways.

Lesley Burt, Christchurch

Common sense over greed, please.

Miranda Hartwell

I agree we need not-for-profit, but with a good business structure of course.

Annalise Richter, Swansea

This petition should highlight the need for more social responsibility to be shown by this selfish and one-eyed government.

Roger Jackson, York

If we are all in this together then why aren’t the profits to shareholders falling?

Malcolm Duckworth, Preston

All utilities should be in the hands of the public.

William Morton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Give us our utilities back now.

Col Farrell, Liverpool

It’s time for action. People need heat and light to survive.

Paul Clarke, Glasgow

As Midnight said: The time has come. A fact’s a fact – It belongs to them. Let’s give it back.

Tom Conway, Derby

Don’t they think we pay enough? The government gave the nurses 1% and then the power companies put their prices up by 10%.

Alan Bettridge, London

I never thought I would be living in fuel poverty.

Jenny Dimond, Ware

Vote these Tory swine out of office as soon as possible.

Karen Nadin, Newark

I just agree with everything you’ve said.

Richard Paunes, Ilfracombe

Power back to the people in a not-for-profit company.

Philip Todd, Stokesley

It should not have been sold off in the first place. It only lined the pockets of Tories’ friends and masters.

Eric Woodruff, Lytham St Anne’s

How can something so vital for human life be used to make a few richer?

Peter Sharpe, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Enough is enough. Over 60% of the population didn’t vote for privatisation, so why should we have to be ripped off like this?

Alan Gale, Rochdale

I despair when we have sold off our national assets, from rail to energy to water to money.

Alistair Ligertwood, Liverpool

Utilities are basic necessities and should be run for the benefit of the public, not shareholders.

John Evans, Billericay

Enough is enough with no pay rises and the energy companies just milking us. It’s time that fuel came back into public ownership.

Nigel Penn, Buxton

Not everyone has the ability to access information on cheaper deals. The result is, as in so many other areas, that those least able to afford it end up paying most.

Valerie Bartleet, Wolverhampton

Give us our money back you thieving gits watching us suffer.

Jojo Llewellyn, Swansea