Let private investment take the risk for HS2 and use the capital to re-create a national energy network.

John Hudghton, Buxton

Clearly nothing fundamental to life should be owned for profit.

Mike Bird, Llandudno

I’m 100% behind you.

Eric Firth, Dewsbury

This government is selling UK down the river good and proper. I have to work two days to pay for one week’s energy and I’m not wallowing in centrally heated bliss.

Eileen Watts, Swansea

The huge growth in profit taken by the Big Six over the last four years – from

Jane Lowry, Falmouth

This should never have been privatised.

Dilys Hadley, Exmouth

If this industry had not been privatised by the Thatcher regime, think how much revenue it would be generating for the State.

Kathleen Parker, Manchester

Public ownership can be local and democratic. It does not have to be 1940s style state bureaucracy.

John Tilley, Kingston upon Thames

Power is too important to be left to private business.

Toby Ray, London

All infrastructure should be in public control – power and water, transport and telecommunications.

Neville Akroyd, Launceston

Let’s get the utilities out of the hands of these greedy bastards. They should belong to the community at large.

Andy Wilkinson, Norwich

Bring back the CEGB. They would have solved the reduction of CO2 problem, got nuclear generation, got safe generation margins etc.

John Exon, Harrogate

The privatisation of utilities and other national assets has been 30 years of failure and corruption. It should be stopped.

Jonathan Evans, Norwich

This is a long overdue idea.

Chris Dooks, Ayr

Re-nationalise and invest profits instead of paying out to shareholders.

Wilfred John Barker, Wigton

Give us back our power.

Jes Fernie, Colchester

Full nationalisation of all the utilities is the only way to end the rip-off.

Robert McArdle, Coventry

Why do we need the money-grabbing middle men? Give us back our energy industry and plough the profits back into the infrastructure, not into the pockets of shareholders.

Jim Peters, Denham

I have photo-voltaics and have done a lot to make my home energy efficient. It would be good if the government allowed us to do the same with national energy provision.

Polly Moyer, Bristol

Profiteering based on the sale of a commodity which is essential to life and basic human comfort is outrageous. Nationalisation would end this.

Neil Cameron, Sheffield

I support the dream but has anyone any idea of the cost of re-nationalising?

Rob Seed, Worcester

Profit is not a dirty word – all businesses need it to survive, but what we have with the energy companies is pure unvarnished greed.

David John Briggs, Southend-on-Sea

We need affordable, sustainable, clean energy, for the common good, not private profit.

Brian Smith, Stockton Brook

It should be back under one ownership, like it used to be. British gas is now owned by the French.

Tom Gwynnette, Rotherham

Common sense over greed, please.

Miranda Hartwell

Why do we need to be held to ransom by the power companies? Price increases mean more shareholder dividends. Return them to public ownership.

Brian Bailey, Manchester

Re-nationalise it all. It should all be owned by and run for all the people – not thieves and shareholders.

Simon Williams, Sutton

People should not have to choose heating over eating.

Jimmy Murray, London

Get back to sanity.

Norman Wall, Wallsend

Electricity and gas are now a vital part of our everyday lives. It is morally wrong to profit from something the people are so dependant on.

Jack Grout, Huddersfield