Life is too short.

Sara Hall, London

It’s time we stopped treating our neighbours as competitors, and for politicians playing the electorate off against each other. Let’s come together for the common good.

Steve Jarvis, Westbury

People before profit.

Angela Dillon, Glenrothes

Only public ownership will deliver a service for the people, not profits for shareholders.

Martin Cummins, Edinburgh

It’s time to acknowledge that some industries should be run for the benefit of people, not profit.

Denis Keenan, Ossett

Re-nationalise now.

Patrick McGrath, London

More power to your elbow. Something needs to be done to stop this profiteering on something that people rely on.

John Robinson, Lincoln

Because energy is too important to be left to the spivs.

Dave Waite, Lincoln


Paul Scotter, Norwich

Energy to serve the sustainable needs of the many, not the short-term profit of the elite few.

Andrew Duncan, Exeter

The family silver has been sold. Now most of us have to suffer the consequences, apparently. Still, the front bench millionaires are happy, along with their city friends.

Lenard Hughes, Hitchin

Sustainable, affordable and communal energy.

Jenny Rust, Bath

Why don’t they learn?

Daniel Rolles, Dartford

Run utilities for the people and the environment

Steve Black, Southampton

Once again, another classic example of how privatisation doesn’t work. The government will see this country on its knees just so they don’t have to lose face.

Ben Gladwish, Walsall

Heating and hot water should not be for commercial gain.

Pam Robinson, London

I support the campaign for a nationally owned energy service.

Steve Hammersley, Leek

Utilities should always be in the hands of the people that use them. For these companies it is like writing a blank cheque.

Jean Holmes, Worksop

Give back something I used to own, which was sold without my permission.

Ken Cooke, St Austell

We need a power company that the country owns not companies run by profiteers.

Mark Marriott, Nottingham

All the utility privatisations were a complete disaster for the consumer and the generating industry itself. It’s time to admit it. Get rid of these boards of directors.

John Withill, Leeds

Energy should not be privately owned as profits go to shareholders first. Also those on the lowest incomes and on pre-pay meters pay the most for their fuel.

Casey Tremain, Portsmouth

I agree with everything except the climate change bit. I just don’t believe Al Gore and the IPCC. I put my trust in honest men not cheats.

Richard Kent, Chard

Access to power is a basic human right and one that needs to be affordable for all.

Kimaya Crolla-Younger, London

We need to empower communities. People do have power. If we want to achieve something, we the people can be the agent of change and do it ourselves.

Greg Hewitt, Nottingham

The time is right to take back the industries into public hands for benefit of the public.

George Hill, Corby

Put this resource back in the hands of the British taxpayer instead of foreign shareholders who do not care about people.

Joyce Watchorn, Chester-le-Street

I support the dream but has anyone any idea of the cost of re-nationalising?

Rob Seed, Worcester

All public utilities should be in public (not private) hands.

Stephen Foster, Leicester