Power production should be for us all and not for private profit.

David Weston, Bodmin

Power for the people.

Leah Etteridge, Chatham

Stop extortionate bills. Also stop extortionate estimates that neither reflect the consumption of energy or make clear that they are only estimates.

Sam Roberts, Liverpool

I just want a reliable, fair, publicly-owned utility, not a never-ending cycle of chasing different suppliers to get good value.

Martyn Wilson, Farnborough

Another example of capitalism running amok with no restraints.

Mike Sargent, Dover

Bring back the CEGB. They would have solved the reduction of CO2 problem, got nuclear generation, got safe generation margins etc.

John Exon, Harrogate

There are those that can and those that cannot heat their homes. I’m for supporting and speaking up for those that can’t.

Mitch James, Bristol

I transferred to the Co-op from British Gas and Immediately cut my energy costs by a third.

Phillip Walton, Basildon

Energy supplies and infrastructure are produced by the people. They should be owned by the people.

Paul Mclean, Leeds

Privatisation drives up prices and drives down quality.

Jennie Cummings-Knight, Cromer

Give us back our freedom that our parents fought for and stop ripping us off.

Susan Aldrich, Filey

Good idea. As it would cost, why not set up a publicly owned company, cut the other’s prices and they will soon cease trading?

Steve Waldenberg, Leeds

Public utilities for the public. Not massive profits for foreign companies while we freeze.

Susan Pearce, Oldham

Prices are too high.

John Taylor, Guisborough

Energy sales need to be under state ownership again. It’s time to stop the daylight robbery we are subjected to by the Big Six energy companies. Enough is enough.

Marie Priest, Brighton

All utilities should be owned by the public.

Arthur Pallett, Stoke-on-Trent

We need clean, green, renewable, non-nuclear energy, non biomass energy produced as much as possible close to the user with many more home producers.

Roy St Pierre, Colne

The cost of energy is going to be of increasing significance. People must make themselves heard.

John Butler, Strabane

I challenge the powers that be to demonstrate so much as a single benefit to consumers from Thatcher’s privatisation of the energy utilities. Just one?

Richard Trotman, Penistone

I have been saying we should re-nationalise the industry for years.

Richard Smith, Devizes

Energy is clearly not safe in private hands.

Caroline Charles, London

Everyone needs energy and at a cost that protects and enhances life, rather than simply unearned dividend payments which are used to make rich people even richer.

George Davies, Darwen

Run utilities for the people and the environment

Steve Black, Southampton

All utilities and public transport should be in state ownership.

John Truelove, Weston-super-Mare

Put energy suppliers back into public ownership.

Ray Colley, Sheffield

The essential infrastructure of a country shouldn’t be in the hands of money-making private enterprises. They should be run for the good of the people of the country.

Paul Britton, Stevenage

At the very least do away with a daily standing charge.

Janet Brooke, Nottingham

Power to the people.

Andrew Wilkes, Cardiff

stop private companies profiting at the people’s expense when so many are in ‘fuel poverty’

Lynne Carpenter, Lindon

That’s it. We’ve had enough. You can push the people so far. Now we are taking our power back.

Angela Holcroft, North Berwick