Campaign Lab

27th September 2013 | News

Ellie Harrison who founded the Bring Back British Rail campaign in 2009, has been awarded a place on the prestigious Campaign Lab course, in order to help develop and launch the Power For The People campaign.

Campaign Lab in a nine-month course for economic justice campaigners, which is facilitated by the New Economics Foundation, the Public Interest Research Centre and Finance Innovation Lab.

From October 2013 – June 2014, Ellie will work alongside 25 other campaigners (from the TUC, Friends of the Earth, Unite, People and Planet, The People’s Assembly,, Zero Carbon Britain, the High Pay Centre, the Equality Trust, ShareAction, Christian Aid and 38 Degrees) to build a powerful and robust campaign that has the strength to take on the ‘big six’ energy companies and convince politicians that public ownership is the only solution for achieving long-term energy security and a zero-carbon future.