Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy

20th September 2014 | News / Petition

Following the Referendum on Scottish Independence, Power For the People and its sister organisation Bring Back British Rail are launching two new campaigns for the Public Ownership of Scotland’s essential services and infrastructure with 38 Degrees:

Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy
Public Ownership of Scotland’s Railway

We intend to keep the pressure up and utilise the ‘new powers’ promised by the UK Government, to demand the radical changes to Scotland’s energy policy necessary to combat fuel poverty and meet the country’s ambitious 2050 climate change targets. In the run up to the next Scottish Parliamentary Elections on 5 May 2016, we shall demand that the Scottish Government reverses the injustices caused by Tory privatisation, boots out the big six and brings Scotland’s rich energy resources back under democratic public control.

Public Ownership in Scotland could be the ‘easy win’, which would pave the way for the other parts of the UK to follow suit.

The Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy campaign is supported by:

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